Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sunday 23rd June 2013 to Saturday 29th June 2013

Sunday 23rd June 2013
Up at 4am to get Phil up then up propoer at 6am - last thing Saturday we packed everything out of the Welsh Dresser (unusual name that?) and moved it forward a few feet then put a first coat of green-ness.  So after had got up and fed the pooch I got a second coat of green-ness on and then started doing the skirting and daydo rail in lovely vinyl silk white.  Got all that done then did two coats of vinyl silkiness on one door and just one coat on the other as that was all it needed.  All done - good stuff.   Moved stuff back into the room.  Boss kat happy.

Monday 24th June 2013
Up 6am.  Dog fed. Got Phil up.  Went a mini  run. fetched papers.  Work. All good stuff.  Got home - did some snagging making sure bits I'd missed got done.  Jobs a good un.  Went and did a bit of golf practice - getting better for sure. Got bike stuff ready for morning.

Tuesday 25th June 2013
First cycle2work experiment.  Up at 5:45, got Phil up at 6am.  Fed the pooch.  Took her out. Went up town with her and  got papers.  Bosskat up nice and early so everything on track.  Got to Belper for 7.25, got to work for about 8:20 all good stuff.

Lots of bikes in the bike shack by 9am - really pleased.

Bikes at Head Office - Good stuff!

Did a bit more snagging last night - JAS noticed the edge of a corner not having been painted so had to get that fixed!

Wednesday 26th June 2013
Had a beer or two last night in celebration of a good cycle2work. A little bit groggy this morning as a consequence - still pleased to be back in the saddle.  It's looking like Friday will be next Cycle2Work day this week.  Group after work. 2lbs off thank heavens.  Not done much to deserve it but I'll take it anyway.
A bit of touch up paint done - homebase misty blue in the dining room where some halfwits put his mucky hands.

Thursday 27th June 2013
Up at 6am.  Took pooch out first thing and she did her business like a little star.  Fed and watered her.  Watered garden.  Sat in chair with dog for half an hour - ace.  Got ready and got off to work.

Friday 28th June 2013
Bit of a blur of a day.  Didn't do any golf, cyling or running.  Got ready for painting Saturday morning.

Saturday 29th June 2013
Been married for 22 years today - cripes it soon goes by.  Took missus to Dog and Partridge at Swinscoe which was alright.  Went for a spin on the new bike - a Boardman Road Comp; was expecting it to be really uncomfortable but it really wasn't. Also quite nippy - averaged 14.4mph with stopping at two lots of lights and working out how the gears and what have you worked so all in all a very enjoyable start.

Went to a wedding up at the golf club to finish off and drank too much but did enjoy it!


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sunday 16th June 2013 to Saturday 22nd June 2013

Sunday 16th June 2013
Up fairly early in Wales!  Stopping in big cottage.  All good stuff. Didn't do a great deal today really.  Went out on the yaks for a bit but as it was a bit rough we didn't stop out too long.  So put em back into storage.  Phil got chopsing to a chap who was taking Vic's tractors to bits so that kept him quiet.  I had a sit out in the Orchard Cottage garden which was very nice.  Top accommodation, don't you know.

Sat in the garden at Orchard Cottage, Church Bay, Anglesey

Hoodwinked Phil into going to Holyhead Breakwater Country Park in the afternoon.  Next time we go I might have to go here on my own as this is base camp for climbing Holyhead Mountain!
Holyhead Breakwater Country Park

Barbecue for tea.  Didn't go fishing cause I was knackered and went to bed early after loading up most of car for going home in the morning.

Monday 17th June 2013
Set off home at 8am.  Stopped at McaDees on way back to do a job where I neeeded Internet access.  Got home, got unloaded.  Phil repaired a mower.  I used said mower to mow.  That's about it apart from taking the pooch for a walk.

Tuesday 18th June 2013
Up early.  Fed and watered the pooch.  Tumbled the compost. Cleaned the car out a bit.  Fetched the papers. Went to work.  Team Meeting in the morning , 1-1 in the afternoon. All good.  Went to Darley Dale after work did some watering.

Back home for about 7pm.  Tea.  Played with the pooch for a bit.  Watered the garden.  Went for a run about 9pm.  3.2 miles in 34 minutes - a bit slow but a starting point!

Wednesday 19th June 2013
Up early.  Dog fed and watered. Potter in garden - put some more plants out into main garden and put one cucumber plan in a big trough thang.   Other cucumber is not entirely happy I reckon.  Off to St Neots to help platinum Consultant Urs get PCI Compliant.  Job done and back to the office for 4pm.  Home - tea, then went out on bike to see Lucy doing football up at Osmaston Playing Field - which involved a good mile of uphill early on.  All good stuff. 

Thursday 20th June 2013
Up at crack of dawn.  Got Phil out of bed and off to work then back to bed for two hours.  Got dog up, fed and watered.  Fetched papers.  Work. Tea. Dog walk. Bit of a slow 3.5mile  run. Off to bed. 

Friday 21st June 2013
Longest day of the year.  Up at silly o'clock to get Phil up.  Back to bed.  Up at 6:30.  Went to weigh-in gutted at another pound and a half on.  Going to get back in gear this next week.  Work. Home. Then the prep for decorating begins with getting the clutter packed up and out of the front room. 

Saturday 22nd June 2013
Up early to get Phil up.  Pooch fed and watered.  Painting begins.  Ceiling first - that's the rule.  Then coving in ceiling white paint. Then from daydo rail up to the coving in dulux "warm apple".  Meanwhile boss cat begins on the bottom bit from skirting boards up to daydo rail.  All got done and all's well that ends well.  By end of day has got second coat of green-ness on.  All good.


Monday, 10 June 2013

Sunday 9th June 2013 to Saturday 15th June 2013

Sunday 9th June 2013
Up early as blasted pigeons were making a right old racket.  Cup of coffee and a couple of teacakes to start the day off.  Out on the kayak as the sea was still like an absolute mill pond.

Packed up and heading back to Ashbourne by 12:30.  Home before 4pm all good stuff.  Watering garden and planting stuff in the Metre Squared. Nice tea and bed early as was bloomin knackered.

Monday 10th June 2013
Up early.  Sorted the dog out.  Breakfast, off early to Darley Dale.  Watering duties completed.  A little bit late getting into the office.

Back home in good time for the bosskat to go to Nine to Five Dolly Parton musical at Notting Royal Theatre.  Planted some carrots after one of the squares in Square Metre one was cleared.

Watched the History of the Eagles on iPlayer - fantastic - what a band.

Tuesday 11th June 2013
Up at 6:05, getting later and later.  Got the pooch up, fed and watered (well goats milk but you get the idea).  then outside to do her business.  Shaved.  Took pooch up town for a mini walk to get papers.  Back home, woke up the boss and Lucy, breakfasted and off to work.

Back home, tea.  Got some more plants out of pots and into the garden. Good.

Went a two mile run.  First for two weeks!  Out of shape but managed ten minute miles. Acceptable - need to start increasing it on a daily basis though.

Wednesday 12th June 2013
Up at 5:55 which is an improvement of sorts!  Dog out, fed and watered. Got ready for work,  got everyone up at 7am.  Went fetched papers for bosskat, toast and off to work.  Meeting today.   Good news is that we've had a bit of rain overnight and more is forecast for tomorrow so no need to whizz over to Darley for watering duties I hope.   Pound on at group - bloody hell.

Thursday 13th June 2013
Training all day at work.  Very interesting indeed.   Home - tea and loading car up.  Big game kayak is going on it's holidays.

Friday 14th June 2013
Up early, dog sorted. Off to Wales with young Phil.  Stopped at McaDees on the way.  All good.  Got stuff into cottage when got there.  Then went to Amlwch to get stuff for building the kayak storage.

Saturday 15th June 2013
Up earlyish.  Down to beach to dig some bait.  Then off  to Porth Eilian just past Anglesey for a bit of fishing.  We got there maybe an hour after low and fished a couple of hours up.  It's not a bad mark - nice and deep. We only got dogfish on the day but thoroughly enjoyable and a beautiful spot.

Porth Eilian / Point Lynas - very nice spot.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Sunday 2nd June 2013 to Saturday 8th June 2013

Sunday 2nd June 2013
Up earlyish.  Phil not well bless 'im.   Dog out, fed and watered.  More gardening.  Off to Uttoxeter, got more compost (wish my composter would damn well hurry up).  Planted the beans and sweet corn out (at last).  Metre square one is now totally done.

Decided needed to do some bloomin exercise so got 7 miles done on bike.

Then a further three miles of golfing madness.

Have decided I'm going to use the old faithful LCG clubs as the coin forged RAC MBs are a bit too good for me to hit with any consistency.   Watered everything, polished shoes, off to bed.

Monday 3rd June 2013
Busy week this one.  Have got London tomorrow night, Wentworth Wednesday night and Thursday - all go, go, go.   Over to Darley Dale tonight to water plants and stuff.  Back home, bit of tea, took Lily for a walk all the way to the Church and back. Three miles worth of golf to finish off. All good stuff.   Filled all the water butts.

Tuesday 4th June 2013
Woke up at about 5am.  Got up 5:45.  Let the pup out, fed and watered.  Watered plants outside.  Cleaned golf clubs, fetched papers.  Drove over to Darley as I thought I'd not shut the greenhouse door properly and I was right!  Into work for 8:30.  All good.  Leaving for London after lunch.  Got home 10:45 / 11:00pm ish.  tired, tired, tired.  Interesting seminar though.

Wednesday 5th June 2013
Up early, dog out, fed, watered. Plants watered. Papers fetched.  Work.  Over to Darley Dale for some jobs.   Back home.  Packed up off to Surrey - stopped overnight at the Royal Berkshire.  Very nice.

Thursday 6th June 2013
Up at 6am.  At Wentworth Golf Club for 7:30.  Nice brekky courtesy of the lovely people from Honda.  Tee of at 9.20 first tee shot in the fairway.  All downhill after there but beautiful scenery.  A cracking golf course and no mistake just didn't play well at all.   Nice meal after, couple of glasses of wine.   Nice cooling drink that seemed to be two parts ginger ale, one part ginger beer, some bitters (wassat?) and lots of ice.  All done for 5:30pm then long, slow,drive home.  got back for 8:45pm.  Could have been worse I suppose.

Friday 7th June 2013
Up at 6am and struggled to get out of bed. Went down let dog out, fed, watered, took her into the garden she did her business and got a treat as you'd expect.  Went to Hollie's group in Belper on way to work.  4lbs on - not unexpected after two weeks not attending and much mucking about and sticky toffee pudding. Worse to come though as on a boozy fishing and kayaking weekend tomoz.  On way home I did a load of watering and what have you at Darley Dale.  Got home, tea then got car partially loaded.

Saturday 8th June 2013
Up at 6am.  Did the Dogs early morning business. Fetched Papers, finished loading the car up. Set off at about 7:30 our Andrew had already set off an hour and a half earlier. Never mind - got there for about 11am got base camp established.  Listened to cricket with a pint.  Went down at tea time to get some bait dug.  All good stuff.
No need to go to Spain when Wales is like this! Holyhead Mountain in the distance

After a bit of a BBQ feast it was time for the fishing to begin.   Unfortunately while the weather was ideal for camping and kayaking (went for a paddle on the Sunday)  you do need a bit of a surf to get the bass interesting and it was unfortunately flat as a pancake.  As it happens we didn't blank - pulling in about 7 or 8 dogfish between us.
A distinct lack of surf!

Who let the dogs out?
Think we fished til about 12:30 then called it a day.  Pleasant evening not too cold.


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