Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday 25th November 2012 to Saturday 1st December 2012

Sunday 25th November 2012
Up early.  Little mini walk with the pooch up to the cemetary and back.  Weather crap then got home to watch the cricket.  Awesome England performance.  Most enjoyable.

Two mid-day walks with pooch then a 7 mile run on me tod.  Just over 10 min miles according to Endomondo.

Monday 26th November 2012
Got up at 4am to watch England finish off India.  Cracking finish t'was too with Compton getting some runs on the board. Too pooch out while England got changed round.  Took pooch up town and back to fetch papers, weetabix,  then off to work.

Tuesday 27th November 2012
Up all night due to pooch randomly barking.  Then had to make sure that Phil got up at 4am for work (don't know why - he's been quite good at getting to work without me being an alarm clock resource for him).  Dragged self out of bed at 5:50ish and took Pip out for just short of four miles.  For some reason Endomondo is not updating so there's a seven mile run and two walks at least outstanding.  Did a bit of running this morning with the pooch which was good - just under four miles covered.  Crappy weather again unfortunately.

1.1 mile evening walk with pooch.

Wednesday 28th November 2012
Sorted Endomondo, lost Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning's exercise but that's life.  A re-install fixed the problem of Endomondo not updating the online profile with the workout information.  Already playing up though this morning's walk should be just under four miles.  However, it's 1.87 plus .44 miles which is a load of rubbish, never mind.

Went to group another 2lbs off - 1st 1lbs in 6 weeks - acceptable I think.

Thursday 29th November 2012
Big meeting today - sort of looking forward to it.  Pooch walk first - 3.5 miles with the pipster bit of running mixed in there she loves it.  Shame to leave her at home today as she wanted to play but work comes first!  In the office for just after 8am - final preparations.

Friday 30th November 2012
Supposed to be going away this weekend but got to nip into work first and make a few calls.  Not a problem - have got fishing stuff ready. Clothes ready, food ready.  All ready but in the office presently!  N'er mind.  Took Pipster out but only for a mile as it was bloomin freezing and we haven't got her a coat yet, bless her.   In Wales by 4:30, still light but not for long. Perishing cold.  Brother arrived 8:30, fishing by 9:30 just a couple of whiting caught very cold indeed.

Next morning we did a reccy of a mark called Lillyponds although we weren't definitely sure of being on the mark people have since said we were thereabouts!!   So we'll have another look at it in 2013 for sure! 

Apparently it's to the right of this point:

We fished the low tide off Church Bay beach in the cold and rain - no fun - I got a solitary dogfish, our Andrew blanked. 

Back up the hill for a bit of snap then back down for high tide and with the rain gone it was almost pleasant!  Wall to wall Whiting for the most part and then a surprise visit from Billy Bass made up for the cold.  Andrew also had a rockling and I had another dogfish - all good stuff. 


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday 18th November 2012 to Saturday 24th November 2012

Sunday 18th November 2012
Up before 7am but not by much!  Took Pipster out for a 3.5 mile walk which Endomondo didn't upload but I got a picture of just in case!!!

Wierdly, it did later upload properly?  Most odd. On Endomondo it's here.

Went to Donnington Market after various bits and bobs.  Didn't come back with much but never mind.  At 2pm started painting the two fence panels that Phil drove his tractor into some time back.  Got done by 4pm which is good as it was getting damn cold.  

Did Yorkshire puds as per BBC Saturday Kitchen recipe which unfortunately meant having way too much mixture so will probably have to do make some more this week! 

Monday 19th November 2012
Up at about 5:40, took Pooch out for 4.2 miles according to EndoMondo - might just have a look at mapping it manually to see how much it should be.   If I map it out using it comes to 3.8 miles so not totally out of whack but it's on the generous side!  Pooch didn't want to go out, bless her but we did a little walk about 10 o'clock bumping into Monty the westie from up the hill and Blue the sheepdog from next door in our travels. All good. 

Tuesday 20th November 2012
Up earlyish.  Took the pooch out but it was chucking it down so we only did a mile and a half
but better than nowt. Into work for just after 8am again.  Call from National Field Manager at 8.30am.   Lot of meetings in the day, all good stuff.  Noise practice after work 

Wednesday 21st November 2012
Didn't get out of bed til almost 6am!!  Took pooch a mile and half in the pouring rain.  Then went up town in car to leisure centre to add another half mile without her but absolutely wet through at the end of it all.  Weigh-in night tonight then up to golf club for the weekly draw.

Thursday 22nd November 2012
Struggling to get out of bed much before 6am, v. poor.  Just under 3 miles covered with the pooch. 

Friday 22nd November 2012
Up at a similiar time as Thuesday.   Short 2.5 mile loop done.  Acceptable giving conditions
Meal up at the Blue Bell, Tissington using Groupon vouchers very good. 

Saturday 23rd November 2012
Just short of four miles with the pooch.   Good stuff.  Golf at lunchtime but only nine holes due to crap weather.  


Monday, 12 November 2012

Sunday 11th November 2012 to Saturday 17th November 2012

Sunday 11th November 2012 to Saturday 17th November 2012
All exercise now getting logged into

Sunday 11th November 2012 
Up early - took pooch out.  Did some bread. Ripped all the Sunflowers up and got em into a very stuffed green bin.  Took missus to Burton for some shopping.  Me, Lucy and bosskat took dog a walk up the golf course in the afternoon all good. 

Monday 12th November 2012
Up early as usual - dog walked by 6am.  Back door is broken so did a make-shift locking up using a bit of wood.  Bosskat ringing the joiner to come and have a look.  Bosskat has decided we need a new door so there you go.

Tuesday 13th November 2012
Pipster not well, bless her only walked quarter of a mile and wanted to turn back.  Never mind, got her insurance sorted and contacted the people that have the contact details associated with her microchip as well.   Did a mini run to fetch papers.

Band rehearsal after work.  Missus went home.  Took pooch out once she got back, just up to cemetry and back.   Forgot phone but it's another mile to the good!

Wednesday 14th November 2012
Up at 5:40!  Lie in.  Took the pooch out.  Endomondo says it was 4.11 miles but I don't reckon it's accurate - 3 miles maybe.   Went to group after work - just another pound and a half gone but 11.5lbs in four weighs is steady progress considering I has a drink or two (or three) at the weekend.

Thursday 15th November 2012
Tired this morning, got up at 5:40 out with the Pipster ten minutes later.  An hours worth of walk/run and 3.5 miles covered. Pooch has a lie down - I go to work - who's the fool?

Another busy day,  back home tasty tea.  Regripped the Callaway driver, don't know if playing on Saturday but it wanted doing anyway.  Pip went out but wouldn't walk - think she's not keen when it's cold.

Friday 16th November 2012
Up at 5:30 on the dot, Phil already gone to work bless him. Anyway, took Pooch for a mini-walk.  Then came back and made some bread rolls (did the dough last night).  Then did a mini-walk to get papers and forgot to switch off Endomondo so there's a bit of car journey in there too!  So two miles proper covered with the pooch which is better than nowt!

Saturday 17th November 2012
Up a bit late, woke up early doors, read last bit of Shadow of the Wind,  then got up 6:30 to take pooch out.  Did some light bulb replacing and a bit of work in anticipation of a meeting next week. Golf at 12:30, we only just got round before it got dark as group in front were slow as hell.  Didn't play bad but John H played better and took the money.    Nipped over to Bakewell to sort my cousin's TomTom out - and failed.  Never mind - have emailed em.  Pipster not up for going for a walk when got back - bit nippy for her.


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday 4th November 2012 to Saturday 10th November 2012

Sunday 4th November 2012
Got up at 7am!  Took dog out and tested Endomondo at same time.  Still evaluating - seems to stop tracking when you press the button on top of phone.

Washed cars.  Made bread. Blocked all the exits / entrances to the shed to keep Pip out of em. In afternoon took Pip up golf course and then round the block - although managed to pause the tracking and lost half a mile I still clocked best part of two miles.

Monday 5th November 2012
Much better stuff. Up at 5:30 a walk/run with the dog - apart from cocking it up and pausing it Endomondo worked much better:-  3.3 miles clocked and a bit left behind but good stuff - plenty of running with Pip - we'll keep her trim!

Back from work. fireworks all over the shop - Pip no likey so went a mini run to deliver a card to Janette's nephew's missus and then back managed to stop the first bit of the run so there's .7 of a mile in the first workout and 1.92 miles in the second! both seem to have the same URL :

Tuesday 6th November 2012
As Pip wouldn't go out last night due to firework jip I thought I'd better get up a bit extra early so was up at 5:20 and taking her a 3.5 mile walk/run

Did some bread cobs for the troops when I got back and then into work early to set up drums and what have you (don't ask).  All good.  Took the pooch out a bit late - Janette was at a meeting regarding plans for a traveller caravan site at Ashbourne that everyone's against so in hurry to walk dog and get to bed I forgot the phone so no log of a 1.5 mile walk round.  N'er mind.

Wednesday 7th November 2012
Up at 5:40 struggled a bit to get up but slept really well.  Not in a mad rush as am at Dentist's first thing.  Took the pooch on a 3.5 mile walk round picking up papers along the way.  I did a couple of jobs in garden then off to Dentist.  Teeth mangled and into work by 10:30 all okay.

Weigh in tonight - although had a few drinks at the weekend and generally haven't been very on plan I reckon there will be a weight loss.

Thursday 8th November 2012
Another three pounds gone last night but couldn't stay.  Such is life.  Got up at 4:30am - took Pooch out.  Got to Derby station for 6:30am train and down London for 9am.

Went to a customer focus day held by one of our suppliers, held at Lord's no less.  Matthew Syed, former England number 1 Table Tennis player – did an exhibition match and invited attendees to return one of his serves that all had so much spin on them they went at 45 degrees from the angle you expected.  Very impressive, then did a brilliant talk and gave away his book bounce. Much of his talk focussed on praising effort rather than talent – if you praise someone as being incredibly talented they’re likely to sit back on that talent and think they don’t need to train, if you praise someone’s effort and commitment they’ll keep working and jeep improving.  He also made the point that almost all champions are champions because of the hours they've put in – Tiger Woods wasn’t a child prodigy with just god-given talent  he’d put in more hours by the age of 12 than most social golfers ever do!   It was saying nurture, environment and commitment make champions.

Dr Pete Lindsay a performance psychologist who has worked with Team  GB  Boxers was next up and delivered a talk that set well with Matthew Syed’s talk which explored myths that get in the way of performance.   It was interesting to watch how the two wove in scientific research to support their points.
Anne Panter was the final speaker I saw she is one of the bronze medal winning Team GB Hockey team and I’ve even held it -  they’re pretty heavy truth be told!!  What was great about this section was that it told her story about a really bad car crash that saw her out of action for two years and how she recovered from it to make the teamn

All good stuff.  Will put some pictures on in due course.

Took Pooch out for 2.5 miles in the evening, made some bread, went to sleep knackered.

Friday 9th November 2012
Up dead early.  Took pooch out.  Got car sorted out ready for service.   Mega busy day at work.

Saturday 10th November 2012
Up early - took pooch out for a couple of miles walk.  Woman of the Year do in Birmingham - got there for 10am to give the girls a hand as we are going to trial credit card payments you see.  Absolute bedlam - we got it done though.


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