Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday 25th February 2013 to Saturday 2nd March 2013

Monday 25th February 2013
Back to reality.  Off the demon juice.  Up early.  Polished shoes for the new week.  Took Pip up town and back to get papers.  Normality.    Left work at 3:30 for Doctor's appointment; everything okay.

Me and Pip went for a run at least for a mile til she got to the rabbit holes she obviously had in mind from the off!  Didn't put it on endomondo but not the end of the world.

Tuesday 26th February 2013
Off to St Neot's tonight to see Ursula's group again (been there a few times). Got up early as usual, took Pip up town and back. Did her brekkie (yes two square meals a day for the pooches in the Siddall household).  Off to work fairly early - all good so far.   St Neot's for 5:30, back home for 10:30, damn tired, straight off to bed.

Wednesday 27th February 2013
Got Phil up. Went back to bed. Up again at 6am - took pooch up town and back to get papers, showered and then off to work.    Scales at work are indicating a 1.5lb loss which is encouraging. Think am just going to graze on syn-free food all day to maintain that which would mean a 1.5stone loss since October which compared to 2007 is slow but damned acceptable in my book.  Three pound loss was confirmed and 1.5 stone award confirmed.  Get in.   Got missus Birthday stuff sorted while she was at Olly Murs  - all good stuff.  Went to sort out a Windows 8 laptop but it gave me a ton of grief - think it was halfway through a Windows update which effectively stopped most things working properly on it.   Anyway all good in the end.  Lightest I've been in a fair old while!

Thursday 28th February 2013
A bit on the knackered side - took the pooch for a walk then did a bit more work on the laptop. All good stuff.

Friday 1st March 2013
More of the same - walk up town with el Pepe.

Saturday 2nd March 2013
Out with the pooch first thing.  Golf at 12:30, John not well stopped after 7 holes.  I played okay quite a few pars and a birdie on 15 - was pleased with tee to green but didn't putt as well as I should - still beat Doug though!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday 17th February 2013 to Sunday 24th February 2013

Sunday 17th February 2013
Big run day.  Been on my mind since Thursday when found out it's 15 miles - had been expecting an increment of 2 miles and therefore a 12 miler this week - never mind.  Took pooch out to start day off at about 7am.  Only wanted a short walk really but we ended up doing two miles.  Then back for a cup of  coffee, got togged up and then on the road for 15 miles of fun.  Average speed was a derisory 11m 15s pace but there was stopping for pictures, styles to be climbed and some dirty big hills to boot so not really too concerned about it at all.   Went to Stepping Stones for lunch - bit of a long wait but it was alright.  Took Pip out later in day for a three miler -went over to Snelston then through the fields coming back.  All good stuff - dog mucked up to high heaven but that's pooches that are low to the ground for you!

Thorpe Cloud in the misty morning

Guineaufowl at Tissington Estate

Minninglow in the distance

Looking down to the bit that's called Bradboourne Mill  (my run took me up and over the hill on t'other side!). 

A picture from walk in the afternoon with Pip - I call those trees monkey puzzle trees but they could be called anything for all I know - top walk though. 

Monday 18th February 2013
Up at 5:45am,  very stiff, took Pip for a slow walk up town and back to get papers.  Back for just gone 7am.  Into work in plenty good time.  Took pooch a mini walk at night time - she didn't want to go anywhere.  Went out a few times though as was servicing me ABU multiplier reels so was fetching bits and bobs out of the shed.  Was  also keeping an eye on the heavens as I've decided to learn a  bit about the stars - so far can identify Ursa Major, Polaris and Ursa Minor which is a good start I reckon!

Tuesday 19th February 2013
Up early again - woke Philps up.  Took pooch out for a walk.  Did a bit of work.  Went for a blood test.  Went into a work - phone calls to solicitors and police authorities due to work I'm doing currently - all good stuff!   Work done went for a three mile run as pooch is determined not to walk at night - don't know why.

Did a couple of hours work on a website for Orchard Cottage which is a place we've stayed at in Church Bay, Anglesey.   Very good too it is.

Wednesday 20th February 2013
Up at 4:10 to get Phil up, back to bed til 5:30, out with the pooch.  All good.  Did bosskat three granary/wholemeal combo cobs before set off to work.  All good. Did work. Went to group, just a pound and a half off but still going the right way!  Am asctually rather pleased with it really, as it takes me into the next big number.  Still a good way to go but getting there gradually.

Thursday 21st February 2013
Knackered - got PJ up at 4:10, back to bed, up at 5:30 - took Pooch out - cripes it was cold.  Never mind.

Friday 22nd February 2013
Phil up at 4.10!  Bed. Pippy walked for 7am.  Car loaded.  Gone fishing!

Saturday 23rd February 2013
Slightly hungover but up early and went for a nine mile run in snowy Wales.  Pace was under 11 minute miles but was stopping to take pictures so wasn't too bothered about that.  The MyAsics plan said just 7.5 miles so did more than strictly necessary.

9 mile run on Endomondo - slow but acceptable given that it was snowing and had slight hangover

Went to check out a fishing mark called Ty Croes - Llyn Peninsular in background of this picture

Nice to see daffodils out even though it was snowing!

Icicles at Ty Croes

Sunday 24th February 2013
Slightly hungover yet again! Bit of a theme going on here what! Packed up and ready to go for 9am!  All good stuff
Ynys Mon looking from Church Bay

Church Bay Beach in February

Back home for 1:30pm.  Took Pip out for a walk and then just generally did nowt!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday 10th February 2013 to Saturday 16th February 2013

Sunday 10th February 2013
Woken up by the sound of the pooch barking.  Out for a walk five minutes later.  Got the yaks covered up. Set off for a ten mile run before lunch.  All good stuff - 9m 59s miles which for me and the terrain is more than acceptable.
A dodgy sixth mile let it down overall but considering it never stopped raining the whole way round I was quite pleased with it overall.

Took pooch a walk up to Sprinkshill Wood and back after lunch.  Soaked through for a second time in the day!  A mini-walk in the snow to finish things off and then it's all done.  Where does this cr*p weather keep coming from?

Monday 11th February 2013
Up at 5:30.  Put some dough I made yesterday into the top-oven to prove after giving the bottom over five minutes of gas mark 5.  Took pooch up town and back in the cr*ppy snow.   An hour and a quarter to get into work after following someone all the way from Ashbourne to the A38 at 34mph.  Bl**dy marvellous.  Good day in the office then back home.  Took pooch out after making some more dough for Tuesday's bread (my new thing is to put the dough in the fridge overnight - bread still seems to be amazing and no complaints from the judging panel as yet).  Bed at 10pm, a bit late but never mind.

Tuesday 12th February 2013
Up at 5:30 as usual. got the dough into rolls and proving in the top over.  Took pooch up town and back to get the papers as usual.  Thinking of going a run later, perhaps. Took Pooch out but she didn't really want to walk, bless her!  Missus is in a tizzy over Shrovetide Football - anyone would think it might be important.

Wednesday 13th February 2013
Up at 5am.  Needed to get run done before took Dog up town so 3 miles at 9m 49s pace is acceptable, considering the hour.   Got back and got bread proving in top oven.  Took pooch up town and back.

So have done best part of six miles and it's not 7am yet!  Never mind, shower, shave and off to work.  Late leaving work - bloody snow everywhere.  Got to group about 7:10pm, got weighed, 3lbs off, back home for 7:55 / 8:00pm - tea, took pooch out, watched a bit of Man Utd vs Real Madrid - all good stuff.

Thursday 14th February 2013
Happy Valentine's Day, what!  Got up at 5:50, very tired. Took Pip on the 2 mile loop -chitted some potatoes (yes, you can say that) ready for sowing in March.  Got into work for 8:30.  Porridge for brek.

Just used the old Garmin connect to find a 15 mile route for the weekends long run.  This will be a bit of a stretch and am hoping the weather's kind. The route will be Mayfield, Mappleton, Thorpe, Tissington, over the little hill at 'Tissington Ford' and over to Kniveton Wood, across into Kniveton then down the back lane turning back to Ashbourne and then back home.  In 2009 I did it in 2:47:11 which worked out at 10m 53s miles on average.  Anyroad, we shall see at least I can begin mental preparation for it.  Have got 7.5 miles to do tonight which will hopefully feel dang easy as it's only half the necessary distance!

Planned route:

My lovely wifey did me a special dinner when got home with two glasses of tasty red wine so thought 7.5 mile run would be inappropriate.  Got three miles done though which I'll tick off of Satruday's 3 mile jog - first two miles - average pace under 10 min miles was okay as had to walk through the water along Watery Lane - it lives up to it's name that one does!!!  Took pooch a mini walk, watched a bit of Spurs vs Lyon the off to bed. 

Friday 15th February 2013
Up at 4.10, got the boy off, did his packed lunch, back to bed.  Up at 6am took pooch up town and back - into work early for a phone call to the national manager - all good! 

Saturday 16th February 2013
Got Phil up at crack of dawn again then went back to bed.  Took Pip for a walk - v cold but good fun.  Then Golfing at lunch time - couldn't hit a cow's ar*e with a shovel for the front nine but had five pars on the trot on the back six (11,12 and 13 waterlogged) so still came out of it alright!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sunday 3rd February 2013 to Saturday 9th February 2013

Sunday 3rd February 2013
Got up at 4am to get Phil up and then back to bed til about 7:30(!!).  Took pooch up Sprinkshill Wood and back - managed to twist my back somehow so no big run today.  Sorting socks and stuff. Read book a bit. Must have done more than that?   Took the poochster up the golf course and let her off the lead twice - she came back pretty quick first time so put a bit of misplaced trust in her and the second time she buggered off into a wood.  Good hear her scurrying about in the undergrowth and eventually she came out covered in muck.  So took her home and chucked her into the shower - mucky pup.  Baked two cakes in the afternoon - not bad.

Monday 4th February 2013
Up at 5:40, took pooch out up town and back.  Back hurting a fair bit unfortunately. Tarpaulin all over shop after crappy gale force winds.  Bought a security cable to lock the yaks up and Phil gave me a hand sorting that out after work.  Also made a start on scupper bungs for the two newer yaks.   All good.  Took pooch a mile and half walk to finish things off.  Back still not right.

Tuesday 5th February 2013
Up at 5:40.  Out with the pooch, papers fetched and back for 7am.  After work took Pip a mini-walk in the rain - wind blowing a hooley.   Fixed the fence from blowing down.  Yaks still uncovered need to sort that out at the weekend.   Got the first indoor propogator started off with flowers for summer.  Might set another one up at the weekend.

Wednesday 6th February 2013
Up at 5:40, no worries.  Took pooch on mile and half loop as I'd forgotten rucksack.  Fetched papers in car - very poor dos!!   Back still giving me grief - have a 3 mile jog to do later -will see how its feeling then.  2lbs on at group - that's what whisky does!

Did a three mile run when got home - first two miles were very poor but finished off with a 9m 19s mile to get the overall pace down to under 10min miles - quite pleased with that, back felt okay; not brill but okay.

Thursday 7th February 2013
Up at the usual 5:40ish.  Took pooch up town and back for 7am so all tickey boo.  Porridge at work for brekko.  Am on plan 100% this week - just watch.  Did the 7.5 mile run last night as well as taking poochster out - 10m 26s miles was okay as there was a lot of uphill particularly from 1.5 to 3.0 miles.  Still there will be plenty of that at Grindleford in four weeks time so got be getting used to it!   Also found out that I'm in the Great North Run so need to be getting some accommodation and what have you sorted out for that bugger sharpish!

Friday 8th February 2013
Up dead early.  Took pooch up town and back to get papers.  Got into work nice and early for two days of training.

Saturday 9th February 2013
I  was in work for training but am damned if I can remember what else I did!   Will have taken pooch a walk before and after but that's about it!


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