Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunday 27th 2010 to Saturday 3rd July 2010

Saturday 3rd July
Didn't mention it yesterday but it's 3 years since I stopped smoking and I mean full stop. I should be rich as hell with all that money saved (where did it go?). Anyway, Saturday, got up at crack of dawn 4.15am to take Phil to work. Walked up town and back to get papers 2.5miles, carted a load of rubbish to dustmin lorry (2 old mowers, 1 enormous tree stump - don't know how I managed to get that bugger in the lorry!). Took the iffy Urban Mover back to Halfords for them to look at - bottom brackety noise? Did 18 holes golf, 8 pars or better, a two on the 14th which means I'll get my stake back and had chances for twos on 6 and 9 as well but didn't make them - played fairly well but lost 2 balls which puts you out of contention straight away really. Hey ho.

Friday 2nd July
No walking but only marginally quicker than yesterday. In fairness played Badminton with Lucy last night as well so cut me some slack! Details

Thursday 1st July
Slow, tired five miles this morning, walked a bit but still managed sub-10 min miles. Details

Wednesday 30th 2010
Five miles again! 15 miles so far this week. Details

Tuesday 29th 2010
Up nice and early which was a bit of a surprise as couldn't get to sleep at all, very close and muggy last night so t'was. Got the five miler done a little bit quicker at just over 9min 30sec/mile. Details here.

Monday 28th 2010
Slightly iffy tummy. Five miles none-the-less, Just sneak in at 9:48/mile. Details here. Watched a bit of Brazil and then went a walk up t'golf course at night. Only found one poxy Callaway Big Bertha golf ball which was a bit disappointing.

Sunday 27th 2010
Gardening, paddling pool, more gardening, more paddling pool, 60 minutes of Germany vs England, more paddling pool. Bed

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Urban Mover UM33x - urban myth - first review

The Urban Mover UM33x (snappily named dontcha think? me neither) is a battery assisted mountain bike style cycle that you can get on most company's cycle2work schemes (which is indeed, how I came to get one). It's good if you like a bit of assistance on hills but still requires a good degree of effort as it weighs lots (22.5kg) - I've not done the ride in to work that often as it's 22.5 miles each way but the bike did make it somewhat easier over the Derbyshire hills. As it was first trip I was keen to conserve battery power so pedalled unassisted for the most part which was probably the wrong thing to do as I still don't really know what the range is for it. It's quoted as being 20 miles+ (if you weigh the same as Kate Moss) but as I said, only used it for the bigger hills where it did a really good job, can't deny that.

I'm going to look at the stats tonight but I don't think it's saved me any time compared to the super light Giant FCR but we'll see - am not as fit as I should be so that's a factor but the bike is really heavy which makes it a pain when you're going uphill without assistance.

The 6 speed shimano gearset is also a bit of a limiting factor particularly downhills - as soon as you're past 20odd mph you cannot pedal quick enough but hey-ho it is, what it is. In a few months I'm going to swap the tyres for some sort of slicks, the tyres it comes with are good Kenda tyres but you can hear the resistance as you're pedalling along - winds me up that does same as when you're on a normal mountain bike I suppose.

That said, there's lots to be said for the Urban Mover, it has a clever battery releasse system, built in bike lock and a heavy chain is provided for even more security - mine is stored in the underground garage at work so am not going to carry the extra couple of pounds of weight for trips to work. I'm going to see what I can de to lessen the weight on it, might take the lights off for a couple of months.

The elongated frame makes space for the lithium battery below the seat-post, battery is said to be good for 20 odd miles, I used it sparingly on my 22.5 mile trip and there was plenty of juice left in it at the end . Note: also the integrated lock that jams the rear wheel and links to a heavy chain that is provided - it weighs a couple of pounds I reckon so you may or may not want to take it around with you.

Anyway this is first impressions only - I'm going to use the battery more on way back and I've just been told there's a high mode on it too so will probably give that a try going back.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Sunday 20th June to Saturday 26th June 2010

Friday 25th June 2010
Tired again!! In fairness had badminton last night which was good as have improved my serve a little bit more. In August we're going to stop at an excellent cottage next to Church Bay Anglesey called Ty Newydd. I've been doing a bit of SEO work on it at - anyway my uncle's stopping at the same place and he's very kindly taking my golf clubs for me so will be playing the likes of Bull Bay and Holy Head golf courses in about 6 weeks time! Ace. Anyroad up, did another slow tired five-miler this morning which was okay. 9:48/miles - details here.

Thursday 24th June 2010
Tired and hacked off before I start. PJ left his computer on all night and it was making a right racket at ten to six in the morning. Anyway, did a tired five miler at 9:40ish sort of pace. Got back, got told off for switching his pc off so came to work in a huff. Not best pleased today.

Wednesday 23rd June 2010
Legs a bit tired this morning after 45 miles of cycling yesterday. Only did 2.5 miles run up town and back. Which was a bit slow at 9:50ish I think, stats not uploaded for some reason.

Got panniers put on the Urban Mover at Halfords then went for a spin on the FCR1 racing PJ on the Urban Mover. Details

Tuesday 22nd June 2010 Cycle2Work Stats
Connect links here and here Total 45 miles, avg speed a tad over 14mph - loads of juice left in battery when got back so am going to have another go next week but use battery assistance more I think.

Tuesday 22nd June 2010
Rode the Urban Mover to work - took about 1hr 45m, which is no quicker than the Giant really. anyway, 22.5 miles down, 22.5 to go tonight!

The Mill at Belper - stopped to give Missus a wake-up call at 7am!

Belper Water Gardens - looked surreal - didn't really have time for taking pics - the clock was on.

Monday 21st June 2010
Longest day today - got up at 5:30ish did a five miler, no record as the Garmin had zero power in it. Going to cycle to work tomorrow. Did 10 holes of golf in the evening - 6 over after 10 holes and two birdies at the par 5s - yet on Saturday I couldn't hit a cow's ar*e with a banjo - how does that work?

Sunday 20th June 2010
Did next to nowt all day - bit of getting up at silly o'clock in morning to take Phil to work on farm, bit of bread making when got back, bit of going out for father's day lunch at Nag's Head, Hulland Ward (missus likes it and I think it's okily dokily).

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Church Bay, Anglesey Self-catering Accommodation Search Engine Optimisation

Am getting into search engine optimisation again and doing a favour for the folks who rent us the cottage we stop at in Anglesey.

Am trying to get Church Bay Anglesey Cottage Accommodation to feature high in the ranks so I've bought as a starting point and we'll see what happens thereafter. The self-catering cottage is called Ty Newydd and I've started the project off at but there'll be more to come, oh yes. Will keep you posted!
Update: done a video tonight which is embedded on the home page. Or if you go straight to YouTube it's here.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sunday 13th to Saturdary 19th June 2010

Saturday 20th June 2010
Got up at 4:30 to take PJ to work. Went run up town and back - 3 miles. Played 18 holes of absolute rubbish golf. Only saving grace was I drove well for the entire round.

Friday 19th June 2010
Bit juggered this morning following badminton last night. Learnt something though -you need to aim for the top of the net on the serve so the opponent has to lift the shuttlecock up. My serves weren't low enough and consequently the whippersnappers were killing me. Anyway as has been the case the last few days I couldn't get myself out of bed so only a little run again 2.5 miles or so. Details here for today and here for yesterday.

Golf Analysis - 15th and 16th
I can use the Garmin 405cx for all sorts of stuff not least looking at my golf. I switch it on at the start of the round and after drives etc walk a couple of yards up and down behind the ball so I can work out where it is. I upload it to GarminConnect and then from GarminConnex export is as a GPX file. The GPX file can then be edited in GPSMapEdit which allows me to work out how far I've hit the ball.

As of mid-june I'm driving on average between 210 to 215 yards so that's something to work on and putting needs to be better and chipping's not all it should be. So should be able to improve. Did 7 holes last night that was pretty steady until I lost my ball on the fifth - found three better ones while looking though so that's okay!

Thursday 17th June 2010
Same old, same old. Couldn't get out of bed so under three miles again. Least the SEO project is going well have got 'Church Bay Anglesey Holiday Cottage' up a page to page two so that's getting there. The target website is which is a holiday cottage in Church Bay, Anglesey you see! Also got a domain for it at need to some work on that too as it's domain forwarding at the moment which google don't like.

Wednesday 16th June 2010
Did another 9 holes on Tuesday night in 59 minutes! Golf was a bit rubbish so need to adjust the quality of golf to speed balance ratio a bit. Wednesday morning, late again another 2.5miles at 9:01 pace which was okay as am feeling dead tired at the minute. Details here.

Tuesday 15th June 2010
Up late, thought I would be so only 2.5miles run at 8:50/mile which was not bad for me. Details

An image of last night's golf mapping - 2.5 miles in an hour with scoring as follows starting on the sixth hole: par, par, par, bogey (with a three putt), bogey, birdie, quadruple bogey with two lost balls, par, bogey out of the bunker.

Monday 14th June 2010
Got up early doors, five mile run done. Good start. Did a bit of work then went for nine holes tonight at speed! Mapped it on the garmin here.

Sunday 13th June 2010
Got up early washed cars, brought the rain. Short bike ride with Lucy up town and back.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Sunday 6th June to Saturday 13th June 2010

Friday 11th June 2010
6:15am before I got up so a bit late to get going. Consequently I didn't have time to do more than the 2.5 miles at 9:20 pace this morning. In my defence I had an hours badminton followed by 9 holes of average golf last night so was a bit knackered anyway.

Thursday 10th June 2010
Struggled to get out of bed again, but got out for about 6am. Did the five miler again at 9:31 pace which was okay - felt tired all the way round really. Still, need to make this a habit. Back to group tonight which is going to be a bit of a problem I reckon - if I scrape in under 16 stone I'll count that as a small victory!

Wednesday 9th June 2010
Got up a bit late, funny old night's sleep but was set on doing five miles if it wasn't raining so that's what I did. Steady sort of a pace 9:20ish which was okay. Come August I want to be at a state of fitness where running to Llanfaethlu and back from Church Bay is no problem at all. Details here.

Tuesday 8th June 2010
Went and did another 9 holes last night - steady golf quite pleased. Got up this morning at 5:45 and it's chucking it down with rain so plans to get the running back up to 5 milers again has been temporarily put on hold. Was going to run but went and did ten holes on the golf course instead, as you do.

Monday 7th June 2010
Off today as got to take missus to hospital appointment. Anyway, up a bit late but as nothing spoiling went for run up town and back at 7:30ish. A smidge over 9 minute miles but I'll get that together you see if I don't.

Did five holes of golf that wan't too bad but loads of folks in my way so didn't play that much.

Holiday Stuff - Church Bay, Anglesey - May/June 2010

SeaSide Running
The image below is of my run from Church Bay on a three mile loop. I did this run every other day so a total of four runs over the week wasn't bad. Details here although there was a bit where I didn't run as it was negotiating slippery rocks so don't read nowt into the times.

Next time go I'm going to extend it to take in Llanfaethlu and pick a paper up every other day I think!

We stopped at Ty Newydd in the barn this time (conversion). More info at and Vic and Linda Clarke run the cottages and the excellent camp site which are only minutes from the beach.

Various pics from hols at Church Bay, Anglesey May/June 2010

Having a bit of a read - was too bright most of the time though.

Looking back towards Church Bay - was about 1.5 miles from finish at this point on me three mile run.

The beach at Church Bay, took picture one morning before anyone got there!

We went on a boat fishing trip one day - loads of fun!

Looking towards Holyhead I think from rocks on me run.

A dead boat I'd pass on my regular three mile run.

An oyster-catcher (according to me dad) on the cliffs at Church Bay Beach

Mesen with a decent-sized bass. Caught on the last cast and released to fight another day.

Plagued with dogfish this week, we were.

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