Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011 to Saturday 31st December 2011

Christmas 2011

Apologies for the lack of updates - have been busy doing naff-all for too long. Not much to report over the Xmas break went a couple of walks but did no running nor any golf nor any cycling. Did a bit more decorating but that doesn't really count! Sorted out Itunes on my old pc so that we could load up the missus' Ipod which was interesting. Other than that have barely been out the house.

Was a sad Xmas really as first one without uncle Peter but there were many times where I thought of him (as always really) even on Christmas day there was a point where I took Paddy's hat folded it and stuck it in his coat pocket before hanging it up - that was what Uncle Peter always did. Sad without him, life goes on though.

Took Phil to see the new Sherlock Holmes film yesterday it was great although a bit long for me. So "Overt it's covert" was my favourite quote I think. A cracking yarn, t'was.

Friday 30th December 2011
44 tomorrow - how can that be? Anyway got up dead early to make sure Phil got off to work okay. Then back to bed for a bit, then up again, then went run at 6am for almost three miles at 10:40 pace which considering the weight and recent consumption of alcohol was acceptable.

Saturday 31st December 2011
That's it another bloody year older. Not best pleased. Got up at 5am, did the bins, went out for a run at 6am - did five miles at 10:44 pace which I'm not unhappy with all things considered. It will get better. Can't believe how mild it is - 10 degrees first thing, it was ruddy freezing last year.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Sunday 18th December 2011 to Saturday 24th December 2011

Wednesday 21st December 2011
Up early; a couple of painting tasks. Then stuff out the shed and off to work early for setting up for the madness.

Tuesday 20th December 2011
Up dead early - 4:10am to set the bread maker off as we're a bit low on bread for the kids' sarnies. Back to bed for an hour and a bit. Up again at 5:30(!) to get oven on, made six bread rolls, good but not had none, mesen. Painted the stain removed bit of wall. We'll have to see how it works out, think it needs another coat really.

Anyway,after all that ran up town and back. A bit slow as knackered to start off with but that's acceptable.

Watch wasn't getting a satellite position for much of it so it could say anything when it's finally loaded up.

After a bit more painting mullarky I went for a two miles walk.

Monday 19th December 2011
Up early again. Ajaxing the back door. It come up lovely! A bit of tweaking to the powerpoint for the it meeting and then fetchee papers and off to work. Got the room setup with young Liz, powerpoint ready to go, handouts at the ready. Power cut. Awesome. Hottailed it to the place of power (or with power) the warehouse. Not bad talked through the release plan for XpressWeigh. All good.

Got home, decided to use some polycell stain remover stuff on a bit of ink that Lucy may have left on the wall in the dining room (put about 20 coats of paint over it to no effect). Will see how it paints up tomorrow. Also finished off the back door it looks quate good now but needs a bit of silicon sealant to finish it off.

Sunday 18th December 2011
Mighty tired but not a problem. Got up mega early and got the hall painted through out. Did the wood about lunchtime. Not much else too report, hoovered up did some bits and bobs. All good.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday 11th December 2011 to Saturday 17th December 2011

Wednesday 14th December 2011
Up at 5:20(!!) painted inside of kitchen door and door to hallway. Cleaned the brushes and out on the road for first time for a few days by 6:30 (awesome performance young Siddall).

Tuesday 13th December 2011
Up at 5:30 radiators and door jambs this morning and then off to work. Got back in good time, did shower room door and then got everything ready for morning attack.

Monday 12th December 2011
Up early (5am), glossed skirting board, put shelves up, put drawers back in place. Looks good. Got a band rehearsal tonight and then will be doing some snagging when I get back home just to finish off - it'll be well good!!

Sunday 11th December 2011
Decorating most of day apart from a bit of visiting the madhouse that is Costco.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sunday 4th December 2011 to Saturday 10th December 2011

Saturday 10th December 2011
Started the clearing up process ahead of decorating the dining room. Then a bit of golf, played with a young chap called Dan who kindly marked our card in a good way. Played fairly well to put a three under par card in off our three quarter handicaps. Got quite a few pars which was nice.

Friday 9th December 2011

Thursday 8th December 2011
Forced meself out again.

Wednesday 7th December 2011
Back on the road again. Slow, ill, what more do you want?

Tuesday 6th December 2011
Presentation on credit card processing. Went okay but more work generated from it, such is life.

Monday 5th December 2011
vision Day at the Derbyshire Hotel talking about the next generation of XpressWeigh - went quite well considering.

Sunday 4th December 2011
Not much to report. Felt like death warmed up so didn't do much.
Bit of a bike ride on Sunday but you only have to see the average speed to know it was poor!

Lots of meetings and presentations at work which all went relatively well, all things considered.

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