Monday, 13 August 2007

Palma Nova – Santa Ponsa - The right way!!


Getting to Santa Ponsa!! - was giving you loads of duff gen yesterday you don’t want to get to Santa Ponsa the way I was going! Shouldn’t be seeing a place called Port Adrianne at all! What you should be doing is going down the main street in Palma Nova then ride the cycle track in parallel with the motorway – bit of a climb to start off with but nothing too taxing. You then follow the cycle track that runs in parallel with the big road into Santa Ponsa. There’s nowt to it! And it’s much shorter than the daft route I was on yesterday – there’s now wonder I never got to Santa Ponsa it’s probably miles out!! Anyway had a most pleasant run this morning to SP and back, start off with the sight of emus (No Rod Hull, of course r.i.p.) which were in the grounds of a lovely looking house that is right next to the bridge over the roundabout at the top of Palma Nova. Weird huh! Clouds over the mountains were beautiful as well, not something you associate Mallorca with if you’ve only ever experience the Magluf club scene when here. You have to get out and drink in the views – it’s a beautiful place.

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