Thursday, 5 July 2007

Week 20 Weigh-In– 05-07-07 – 1.5lbs loss – slowing down but 4st 3lbs gone

Comparatively pleased this week. Me and the bride went out Saturday night for a meal to celebrate 16th Wedding Anniversary (how old am I??!!) and I took the opportunity to have fillet steak with real chips, sticky toffee pudding and wait for it…. 4 pints of delicious Stella Artois. I felt absolutely hammered but to still lose weight after that lot is testament to the power of Slimming World’s food optimizing. Put that on top of the fact that I’ve not had a ciggy in four days, my bike is going like hell with the new tyres and I have a whole bunch of reasons to be happy!!!

Current figures:
Start Weight : 18st 11lbs
Current Weight : 14st 8lbs (92.62 KG)
Loss this week: 1.5lbs (avg: 2.95lbs per week)
Total loss thus far: 4st 3lbs in 20 weeks.
New BMI: 26.49 (Height: 6ft 1.5in (1.87m))
Blood pressure ten reading average: 114.9/74.5

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