Saturday, 14 July 2007

Bargains Bargains - Charity Shops in Ashbourne

Went looking for a casual jacket today in the Charity shops of Ashbourne. Didn't get a jacket but got two great quality unworn Nike dri-fit top things for £8 - one of which looks ideal for cycling the other ideal for going to watch the might Derby County play in the premiership in as it's v similiar to last season's away strip!!!!

Went into Help The Aged - not very good, British Heat Foundation loads of stuff but quality not hot and full of folks, MIND was lastest and bestest got the Nike tops and have asked 'she who must be obeyed' to have a look at pastelly blue casual jacket next time she's up town.

What's great about my Slimming World journey so far is that rather than having to look for XXL sized clobber and not having a lot of choice I now have the problem of loads of choices and go through the racks and mentally say too big, too big, a little bit too big which is BRILLIANT!

Loads of books and cds, almost bought a Stevie Ray Vaughn cd as well but as I've got loads of stuff on the IPOD my boss kindly bought me at Chrimbo that I've not listened to I thought I'd better give it a miss.

New pastime for Saturday mornings that will keep me away from temptation of a food type for an hour or so!!

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