Monday, 23 July 2007

Monday 23-07-07

Daren’t go near the scales today!
Diet-wise have been severely off track since Phil’s birthday on Thursday if there's no temptation I'm great however, if stuff is left on the side looking delicious I can hardly be blamed for devouring said item can I? I mean, I've stopped smoking and people want to leave cake based products in my vicinity, what's that all about??.

Rant over, moving swiftly on, exercise-wise I’m up on the norm – pleased to have had a crack at running again as this is what I’ll be doing in Mallorca in a couple of weeks. Early doors I’ll set off from Palma Nova and run to Portals Nous and back which should be a couple of miles or so. Either that or will find somewhere to hire a mountain bike for a few days maybe, we’ll see.

Got a solid 10.2 miles in this morning on the bike but my ankles were telling me not to go running first thing so I’m going to run a couple of miles this evening I reckon, weather permitting.

** UPDATE ** Been for another two mile run (didn't collapse again - but my knees know about it), then did seven miles on the bike, have almost got my 100 biceps curls done too (never mentioned them before have I? Mainly cause I find em so boring I only ever do 'em every other night!! - but going on holiday in a fortnight and want them muscles sorting (you never know, they might not look like knots in cotton as my gran'd say!!)).

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