Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Goggles4U Cheapo Prescription Specs

Goggles4u.com - New bins for next to nowt. Got some new specs for next to diddly-squat from a company in India called http://www.goggles4u.com/

Was able to pay by PayPal so used some of the money taken for the hats I been selling on Ebay for folks with big (size 7¾ and above) heads like my goodself (the cranially endowed brainboxes of this Earth are my customer base!). Anyway, got two pairs for about £32, take that VisionExpress you over-charging swines! You go to their website enter your prescription, select the frames, pay em and wait about a week or so. Got a pair of prescription sunglasses and a pair of rim-less for work for next to nowt – well chuffed! Will post a picture of my Svenlike frame-lesses when get camera out!

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