Saturday, 14 July 2007

Calm down, Calm down

Was getting a bit too sorry for myself yesterday (well all week really), however there was one good thing that came out of the last post and that was setting some actions to sort things out. I said no alcohol this weekend and went to the pub last night and nursed a beautifully alcohol-free diet coke - wierd night too - no ashtrays on the tables, me mate John nipping out in the rain for smoke - good of the government to give smokers a choice wasn't it? Not that I'm a smoker at present - 13 days gone and no cigarrettes so far, so good, so what as they say...

Anyhoo, that was one action I set which has been good for one day so far (it is only Saturday after all), another was to only go for Healthy Extra cereals rather than any old cereal and I said I'd avoid my current fave which is Aldi's version of Special K they call Benefit. Well here's a picture of Saturday morning's breakfast - called (in our household at least) 'Yogurt Surprise" - essentially it is two weetabix (Aldi variant 79p for 24 biscuits) on a bed of 'Aldi Optifit Yogurt with wheatgrains' topped off with a chopped banana also residing on a bed of Yogurt. Not also black coffee - gave up white coffee back in february and don't miss it at all, in fact white coffee now tastes horrendous.
This means that breakfast was pretty much syn-free - weetabix is Healthy B choice, yogurt is free, banana free. A good start - I got the focus back and I've not even put the 'stop smoking' nicquitin patch on yet.
Didn't really do lunch as such as was golfing at 12:20, just did the fruit thing going round. Over the day I had five apples and three bananas.
For dinner it was breaded cod and syn-free chips with mushy peas so that's where the syns will come from (will try and find out what the syns total would be but I don't expect it to be too high). Pudding was yogurt surprise as you'd expect!!!
Watch this space...

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