Friday, 13 July 2007

12-07-2007 Week 21 Weigh-In – Disaster Strikes – 1lb Gain - Aaaagh

Disaster has struck on two fronts: Wednesday night I dropped my rimless glasses and broke them like a fool. More importantly and definitely more worryingly is that yesterday's weigh in revealed I’d put a pound on this week.

I could say “it’s okay – it’s first time it’s happened in 21 weeks of steady losses”, however, the truth is I’m gutted and worried at the same time. I know I’ve only been food optimising 70% for the past few weeks and I reckon I’ve become blasé about it and now I can’t sustain the weight loss. I had five pints of lovely Stella Artois last weekend at my cousin’s wedding so I could blame it on that but the truth is I’m not on track diet-wise. I’m certainly fine on the exercise front getting an hour to an hour and a half every day but the food has gone to hell of late and needs looking at carefully.

On the positive side I’ve not had a ciggy for 11 days now which is a good thing! The downside of not smoking seems to be a sudden hunger which is taking some dealing with – didn’t have this at all for the first twenty weeks which I smoked through all the way so need to look at the danger areas and work through it!

Immediate actions:-
1. Zero alcohol this weekend
2. Minimise bread
3. Explode the biscuit barrel.
4. Only Slimming World Healthy Extra Cereals not Aldi Benefit no matter how gorgeous and Special K-like.
5. Check out for some lifeline online inspiration.
6. Possibly ought to be first - start a food diary from Saturday!

Current figures:
Start Weight : 18st 11lbs
Current Weight : 14st 9lbs (93.07 KG)
Loss this week: -1lbs (Gain! avg: 2.76lbs per week)
Total loss thus far: 4st 2lbs in 21 weeks.
New BMI: 26.62 (Height: 6ft 1.5in (1.87m))
Blood pressure ten reading average: 117.9 over 75.2 (in Feb it was 144.9 over 91.1)

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