Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Great site to checkout.

I was searching on google for something cycle-related I think and came across this great site:-

This chap has lost a massive amount of weight (7st plus!) using a similiar plan to my own - healthy diet and lots of exercise. His outlook on life is bop on in my opinion and the site is inspirational - certainly made me ride a bit quicker last night when I was out on my 10pm ride!!

Check it out - well worth a look.


Dave said...

That a remarkable transformation you have there, although I lost some weight I cant boast to anything like that, I bet the comments from people you hadnt seen for six months just kept coming your way, I wrote a short book that I then turned into a free online weight loss program cause It wasnt selling and I thought, what the hell. I wont preach any of it to you cause you seem to have done rather well, congratulations.

Paul said...

Cheers Dave, I'll check out your stuff. Was borderline diabetic myself back at start of year so can totally empathise with your reasons for starting on your quest for knowledge. Take care.

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