Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Monday 7th May 2018 to Sunday 13th May 2018

Monday 7th May 2018 
Down lotty early doors to water and do a bit.  Then back home to do loads of jobs including mowing the meadow at Paddy's.  Did  a bit in greenhouse too.  All good stuff.  Went bed 10pm.

Tuesday 8th May 2018 
Woke up dead early.   Lotty first for watering then papers then work.  Got in for 7.40 so a little bit later than would have liked - have got to get watering at night I think.    Got ticket bought for Friday night's play-off semi at Pride Park.   All good.   After tea went down lotty, it was a bit damp but never mind got a bit of weeding done and also got pea row sorted out which was nice.
Pea Row done - Early Onward to the left Hurst Longshaft to the right

First lot of tomatos ready to go to their forever home!

Wednesday 9th May 2018 
Up really, just before 5am.  Got things ready, took dog out, saw a pheasant, a white-throated dipper (never seen one of those before) and a moorhen all between St Oswalds Church and the Leisure Centre, Ace!   In fifty years I've never seen a white-throated dipper before so I had a look into it and that's because there distribution is described as "The dipper can be found along fast-flowing rivers, mainly in upland areas but also on lowland rivers in SW England. Look for tell-tale droppings on stones in the river."    

More info at:-

Vapour Trails


White throated dipper - not seen one of these before

Better picture of one here:- http://peter-ertl.com/birds/images/wasseramsel-1.jpg

Moorhen trying to hide

Into the office for 7.30, bacon cob from Bella's Baps on the way in as a reward for being dead early!!  After work quick tea then went with missus to take the poor baby dog to the vets for her annual jab, she was very brave and didn't quite manage to take the vets hand off or mine for that matter - result!!  Back home - mower out and mowed our lawns, in front of the house and down the drive all nice and tidy and a job ticked off before the weekend.   Even better almost as soon as I'd put everything away it started to rain - get in!  Watched episode two of Westworld series 2 - absolutely excellent!

Thursday 10th May 2018
Up late at 5:35!    Dog walked papers fetched into work a bit late at 7.40 but can't complain.  Back home about 5pm, tea then up to Pads to do some weeding - going to take a few trips to the tip I reckon 6 big piles worth.  Then went down lotty to mow all round, also covered peas and beans with fleece at Missus Siddall's request because of frost!  There weren't no frost.  Such is life - covered spuds that are showing with grass cuttings as well - all good stuff.  Watched another episode of billions which is getting wierder and wierder (in my opinion more unbelievable unfortunately).  Never mind - bed at 10.40 a bit late.

Friday 11th May 2018
Up at 5am.  Showered, shaved, took some seed potatos bosskat got me down to lotty - took all the fleecing off after the frost that never was.  Went and got papers - got off to work and in office for 7.25.  On fire!   DCFC tonight so have asked if I can leave a little bit early.

As usual everything went like clockwork - waiting for the bus 10 minutes early, in Derby for about 6.15, a pint in the Alex, walk to Pride Park, a dirty burger for tea, pint before kick off - Derby defend well, great goal and take a marginal lead to Fulham for Monday's game.   All good stuff.  A pint of Orange Stout (!) on the way back, at bus station for just gone 11pm, bus arrived 11.30, got off at Nestles a bit after midnight and walked back.  All good stuff.

Saturday 12th May 2018
No golf, not a problem, papers and dog walk.   Coffee and a quick read then down the lotty, got some work done.  Then went up Pads' to bag a load of weeds and empty his shed so we can get mower and strimmer in it.  Did a bit at home potting up some tomatos - plenty still to do though.   Went to Uttoxeter in the afternoon with the missus - got three onion sets for 60p in Home Bargains - ace. 

Sunday 13th May 2018
Up early.    Dog walked.  Went and did a bit more down the lotty.   Back home for a bite to eat.  Went and put a bolt on Pad's shed door, then took petrol lawn mower up so it can go in his shed (after mowing front and back lawn).   Rocking.  Pub quiz at the Shoulder of Mutton - we came second.   Can't complain at that, bed for 10:52pm!  Very late.   Never Mind.

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