Monday, 14 May 2018

Monday 14th May 2018 to Sunday 20th May 2018

Monday 14th May 2018
Up early (before 5am), showered, shaved off to lotty to water by 5.30am.  Did a bit of weeding.
Sun not up yet.
Then into Ashbourne to get papers.  Beautiful morning.

6am, Ashbourne - The Black Cat and the River
Was into work for just gone 7.30.  Steady all things considered.   Did a bit in the greenhouse after work potting up tomato plants and what have you, then watched Derby succumb to Fulham's greater firepower with a couple of typical mistakes - such is life - we'd have been cannon fodder in the Premier League anyway. 

Tuesday 15th May 2018 
Up early (5.05) , dog walked, down lotty to water, fetched papers into office in good time.   Got to do a big presentation today it went really well perhaps I am better at it than I think I am!   Typed up all the notes following it.  Did a load of emails, left about 4.20 after a debriefing from the boss.   Back home tea and then down lotty to weed one of the big beds on number 7 - new neighbour appeared who has taken on Munch's old plot - polish chap seems nice enough. Main job though was to net the gooseberries so the pesky pigeons can't get at them - so first got rid of wandering raspberries and poxy nettles then constructed an ace frame to put netting on then used some old netting and a poundshop netting to cover a few holes to do the job.  Used bits of pallets and other weights to hold the net close to the ground hopefully no wildlife will get trapped in it - pigeons are very thick though so can't guarantee that!

Gooseberries appearing 

Bush netted and Owl Protection implemented - judicious use of baling twine as appropriate

Number 7 is coming on nicely now.   Need to get some stuff in the ground though! 

Watched a bit more of The Bridge S4 Ep1 am gradually getting towards the end of it but so tired so in bed for 10.20pm

Wednesday 16th May 2018
After the Lord Mayor's show I'm a bit knackered it would appear - didn't wake until 5:30 but the good news was that it's rained in the night so not going to bother watering lotty.   Took el pooch up town and got papers then into work for 7.40am after getting a bacon and saus cob from Bella's Baps on the walk in.  All good stuff.

Thursday 17th May 2018
Not a clue what I did. Would have been more of the same though - went up and mowed all the lotty and did a bit of weeding I do recall that and then watched Billions.

Friday 18th May2018
The usual, up early dog walk, into office nice and early - bacon and saus cob purchased on the way in - only one more week of these I'm afraid.  Such is life.  After work got the lawns mowed at home and the grass down the sides, had a tinker with the petrol strimmer - all good stuff.  Watched The Bridge S4E2 on the telly.  Cracking.

Saturday 19th May 2018
Up early then down the lotty.  Crop scarer somewhere near so couldn't stop with dog for too long.  more tidying up then went to fetch papers and have a nice cup of coffee.  Did a load in greenhouse got all tomato plants pretty much into bigger pots.  Also got lots of flowers pricked out and into their own little capsule things. Noon took Lucy for her job interview as a sales assistant which she got (of course).  Then off to Derby for a rehearsal.   Then BBQ at Phil's Boss' new old farm (built in 1445!) which was cracking.

Sunday 20th May 2018
Up early.  Dog walked and lotty watered.   Back home for some breakfast and what have you.  Down lotty for a thorough strimming session.

Our hunting hound managed to walk right by this fella hiding behind 5 blades of grass.  

  Up to Pads' to strim, mow and weed under his bridge thing - all done jolly dee.

 Golf at 4pm at The Manor again with Andy and Julian.  I blobbed on loads of holes but hit some cracking drives - 238 yards one of em was.

218 metres  = 238 yards.  Next shot went into
River Blythe

208 metres = 227 yards.  solid stuff!

Big swan sitting in sun while the eejits play golf!!

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