Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Monday 21st May 2018 to Monday 28th May 2018

Monday 21st May 2018
Up early.  Down lotty watering.  Papers fetched, dog walked into work a bit 7.30 after having to play car shuffle on the drive to let Phil get out to go to work.  Rushed into Derby to get Lucy's birth certificate sorted out - dead easy to do just went on to derby.go.uk website and clicked on book-it to get the option to get a birth certificate done same day for £20.  Thought it was worth it to de-stress the child!    Got home, had tea, went down lotty - got some cabbages in the ground on number 13 and watered everything thoroughly .

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 
Up a bit late.  Didn't do lotty as had watered Monday night. Dog walked, papers fetched into the office for 7.30am all good apart from forgetting to bring me lanyard to get past the security.   Never mind, went through main reception and came back.  Such is ruddy life.     Nipped into Derby on way home to pick a drum up - took an age to get out of Derby.  Hey ho.   Had tea, nipped down to lotty to quickly water and bring home overalls.  Then up to Pad's to paint his shed.  All done by 9pm.   Still not had a look at the new drum yet!

Wednesday 23rd May 2018
Up at 5am so thought I'd water the lotty another time!  Papers fetched, dog walked. Did some measuring up for new shed roof.  Sausage and bacon cob day on walk in to work - marvellous.  Up to Pad's after to bang some plants into pots and what have you.  Then down to lotty to do some more late brassicas (such is life!!).
Cabbages, caulis and broccoli(calabrese)

Thursday  24th May 2018
Up a bit late and lots to do so didn't get into office until just before 8am!  Never mind.  busy day in the office. Back home, tea and then did a bit of Parish Council work then about 8pm went down lotty and mowed all round and then watered everything again! All good stuff

Friday 25th May 2018 
Up just after 5am.  Raining!!! Dog walked, papers fetched, wet. Got to work early but got wet walking in?   Such is life.

Saturday 26th May 2018
Lotty watering.  Papers. Dog walking.  Then work party on the playing field putting gravel down and stuff.

Then up the hill to do paddy's shed - putting new panels on the back and then painting the bugger. 

 All good stuff.

Sunday 27th May 2018
Did a bit of lotty watering in the morning.  Did a bit of work making picnic tables on playing field a bit more secure.

Then up to Alstonefield Car boot sale - bought all sorts for a change including a £70 windbreak for £4! 

Then not sure but I never stop so was doing something. Over to me mum and dad's in the afternoon.

Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 2018
Up early and off to Lotty to get bean row up. Then fetched papers with dog.

Runner beans in

Butternut squash, courgettes, dwarf french beans, random broad beans
Took a birthday present over to golfing buddy along with a load of tomato plants.

Did a load of planting and got some chairs out of the greenhouse to make space for potted up tomatos and stuff.   Got loads of flowers pricked out into seperate pots.   All good stuff.

Got Phil to drop me off at the lotty in evening to water everything then walked back (1.5miles I found out) with the hound as the sun went down. 

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