Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Monday 27th November 2017 to Sunday 3rd December 2017

Monday 27th November 2017
Up early, waited for everyone to wake up, shave and shower then down for breakie about 8:15.  Missus went shopping then we drove back up to the shire.  All good stuff.  Did a bit of tinkering up in the attic.  Still work to be done.

Tuesday 28th November 2017
Up at 5:30, dog walked papers fetched, into office for 7.30.  All good stuff

Wednesday 29th November 2017
Bit of tinkering about.

Thursday 30th November 2017 
No idea what I was doing.  Very poor.  Did some work on the tennis ball drum floor in the attic to reduce noise coming down through the floor.

Friday 1st December 2017
Up early, the usual.  Got a load of stuff done at work, picked Lucy up on the way home.  Got some wood from Homebase and then finished off screwing the floor together.   Got the balls down fastened to sheets of card.  Carpet over top of floor.  Got electronic kit back on top of it.

Saturday 2nd December 2017
Up early.  Dog walked papers fetched, the usual.   Missus gone to Burton so I did a bit more up in the attic, did a bit of drum practice too (although not enough!).   Put new rim onto bass drum it's an improvement but still not quite ideal.

Practice with new band at 3pm finished by 5:30

Over to Darley Dale by 7pm, just in time for whisky tasting, parked at Two Dales.   Got away about midnight, I think, walked back over to Whitworth Road and slept at Mum and Dad's for first time in thirty years I think!

Woke up about 4:30, walked back to Two Dales and got car drove back to Bohain, good job too as alarm wasn't set right. Did a couple of jobs then back home for about 6:30, read papers and what have you all good. 

Sunday 3rd December 2017
As mentioned above back home for 6:30.  Lots of coffee.  Did some jobs in greenhouse, got a load of daffodil and assorted bulbs into ground all good stuff.  Took dog on what turned out to be a big walk! Missus back at 4:30, quick tea then up to the Shoulder of Mutton for pub quiz.  We came second to last but at least not last!!!  Ha ha!  So to bed, asleep in about ten seconds.

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