Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Monday 20th November 2017 to Sunday 26th November 2017

Monday 20th November 2017
Still a bit of a shadow from Carl's funeral but perking up a bit now.  Up early dog walked, papers fetched.  Busy but quiet day in the office.  Picked up a Big Dog straight cymbal stand for not very much on way home from just north of Lichfield didn't take too long.   After faffing about with fitting new snares on the really old Premier 2000 snare drum for hours I gave it to Phil and he did it in five minutes but still don't know what he actually did!

Tuesday 21st November 2017
Busy and long day at work then off to Pride Park for the footie.   Parked in Intu which worked brilliantly.  25 minute walk to stadium I think and straight through traffic on way home.  People parking on Pride Park must be wappy.  Anyway, DCFC beat QPR 2-0 but it should have been about 5-0 Derby keep trying to walk the ball into the back of the net instead of just blasting the ball in like they should be doing.  Never mind it's 3 points.  Got home about 10:50 in bed for 11:20 after a coffee.

Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Up late - 5:56am!!!  Yikes consequently everything a little bit behind.  Nay matter.  Busy day then collected Defibrillator leaflets what I done for the Parish Council.  Parish Council meeting at 7.30 done by about 8.30 - world record!

Thursday 23rd November 2017
Up at 5.30 so a bit better.   Got bus from car park as well so at me desk a bit earlier than yesterday.

Friday 24th November 2017
Busy day at work, got home, had tea then had to go back to work to sort something out.  Fortunately I just got to work before 8pm so missed the A38 getting closed for roadworks so that was good.  Back home for 10pm all good stuff.

Saturday 25th November 2017
Up early as usual.  Bit of snow down, dog walked and what have you.  Golf cancelled at 9:30 as course closed.  Pottered about doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

Sunday 26th November 2017
Up early.  Nipped up town to get some money, grabbed a paper for Missus Sid, off to that London about 8:45.  Made decent enough time all things considered.  Parked up and onto the underground headed for Covent Garden.

Back and checked into the hotel about 3pm, walk down the road to J J Moons for dinner/tea whatever.   Back to hotel for half an hour then off to the Albert Hall for Phil Collins - all good stuff.

Seats - I think we were about 40 foot from where Phil Collins sat

Think it was about a 15 piece band - Leland Sklar on bass,
Darryl Stuermer on guitar, his 16 year old son on drums!!!

The Royal Albert Hall - what a venue!

In action

I still think this chap in front of us is a politician

After show we walked down to South Kensinton, passed all the mueseums etc, took circle line to Paddington then Bakerloo back to hotel at Wembley Central - all like clockwork - Phil in charge of navigation, bed a bit after midnight

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