Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sunday 4th December 2011 to Saturday 10th December 2011

Saturday 10th December 2011
Started the clearing up process ahead of decorating the dining room. Then a bit of golf, played with a young chap called Dan who kindly marked our card in a good way. Played fairly well to put a three under par card in off our three quarter handicaps. Got quite a few pars which was nice.

Friday 9th December 2011

Thursday 8th December 2011
Forced meself out again.

Wednesday 7th December 2011
Back on the road again. Slow, ill, what more do you want?

Tuesday 6th December 2011
Presentation on credit card processing. Went okay but more work generated from it, such is life.

Monday 5th December 2011
vision Day at the Derbyshire Hotel talking about the next generation of XpressWeigh - went quite well considering.

Sunday 4th December 2011
Not much to report. Felt like death warmed up so didn't do much.
Bit of a bike ride on Sunday but you only have to see the average speed to know it was poor!

Lots of meetings and presentations at work which all went relatively well, all things considered.

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