Monday, 17 June 2019

Monday 17th June 2019 to Sunday 23rd June 2019

Monday 17th June 2019
Up at 5.10.   All the usual business, slow dog walk and into the office for 5.30  Everything sort of on rails.  Crap day at work loads of unplanned stuff.  Back home, tea then small dog walk.  Then up to Pads to cut front hedge - 1hr 45mins to hack it back - not a classy cut but tidier.

Then out to walk big lad only went for a mile or so as I was knackered.

Watched an episode of "What we do in the dark" and an episode of "Year of the Rabbit" which was ace.   Bed about 10.30, knackered but couldn't sleep.

Tuesday 18th June 2019
Up at 5.20 - didn't sleep well.   Dog walked, papers fetched.  Set off for work without me wallet so had to go back.  Got to top of bypass and found out road was closed so had to re-route through Belper.  Still got in on time. Missus gone to see Westlife or Boyzone or somesuch in Nottingham so took Lucy out to tea.  Weather turned bad after work.  Managed to walk big lad in the rain but that was about all got done.

Wednesday 19th June 2019
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Another busy day in the office.  Went straight to Lotty and strimmed it to death after getting an inspection complaint email from Lotty Committee.   Next door neighbour was there too - she'd had the same email!   Did a bit of weeding too so that was nice.

Then went home for tea.   Then took Big Lad and Lily for a walk with Lucy - quick mile round then onto strimming and mowing at home.  Have got three more days to get everything that should be in the lotty into the lotty.   No pressure!

Thursday 20th June 2019
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched, into office for 7.20am.  Back from work.  Had to take big lad for a walk first.  By time I got back it started to ruddy rain.  Never mind.    Watched the rest of What we do in the Shadows - it was ace!

Friday 21st June 2019
Didn't wake up until 5:40, knackered!   Dog walked papers fetched.   Into office on time though so no great problem.   Went to WW in the morning - 2.5lbs off so a bit better - on hols next week tho so it will probably go back on!

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