Monday, 10 June 2019

Monday 10th June 2019 to Sunday 16th June 2019

Monday 10th June 2019 
Up early.  Dog walked then off to work.  Looks like being a wet one.  No walk at lunchtime.  Such is life.  Got home and it rained and rained and rained.   Did some website work and then when rain slowed down a bit took the big lad up to the cemetery and back. T'was all I could do!

Tuesday 11th June 2019
Up at 5:05.  Short walk for the dawg in the rain.  Papers fetched and then off to work.  All good stuff. Non rain all ruddy day so only short walks for dogs when rain permits.  CharityPub Quiz up at the Cock Inn - we came third - whoop whoop!!

Wednesday 12th June 2019 
The usual in to work after walking Pooch. Busy day then off to Nottingham to finish bringing Lucy out of Hampden street.   All good, tea at Wetherspoons too.

Thursday 13th June 2019
Up a bit later than usual - 5.20am.   Long slow dog walk, papers fetched.  Into the office.  All grief as usual,.  Back home - quick tea and then took Dawg to vets - she's okay is the short report - thank heavens.     Back home, quick walk with little dog, quick walk with big dog, off to Cricket Club for Defibrillator training.  All non-stop go.

Friday 14th June 2019 
Late again - 5:30am can't be helped.  Proper tired.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into the office early doors.   WW - half a pound on again.  Rubbish!  Weather crap again.  Took big lad a walk in between rain showers but am getting a bit sick of this wet June mullarky.

Saturday 15th June 2019
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Did some tidying up of sheds to get Lucy's stuff put away.  Then at noon off we went to the Slimming World 50th Anniversary Awards at Birmingham ace.  Sat Nav got totally baffled by changes to roads in middle of Brum but our recent knowledge of Birmingham arena came into play and we got to the hotel in plenty good time.  Wetherspoons for Lunch then off for photos with MMB.   Grand, saw no end of folks I'd not seen for a while.  Do at night time went okay - the meal wasn't my sort of thing but then again it rarely.  A double Gin and Tonic and a lager cost me £18.30 - said I'd need to sort out a second mortgage before I came back for another one.  Robdogs.;  Hey ho. 

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