Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Monday 26th February 2018 to Sunday 3rd March 2018

Monday 26th February 2018
Up early.  Got the dog togged up against the cold.   Got the papers and into work nice and early.  Back home for about 5pm all good stuff.  Did a bit up in the drum attic, enjoyed me self.   Watched new episode of Strike which was quite good.

Tuesday 27th February 2018
Up early.   Dog walked  no papers to be fetched into office for 7.43 after being turned back on A52 and having to go via Belper.  Never mind.  Got car filled up at Ambergate on way back in.   Done a load of last minute birthday present shopping.   Took Lucy to get her mum some stuff.  Phil made a special trip to Waterhouses Shop to get her ladyship a card too!!  All good. 
Missus a bit grumpety with me so only did a quick session in the Drumattic.    Computer gone dicky again.     Got the little hoover to see if it was dust inside it causing the problem (has been in the past - fan gets stuck) but no charge in fan.

Wednesday 28th February 2018
Up early.  No papers again.  Into office in good time. Funny day in the office when I came down at 4.15 most of the company had gone home - such is the power of snow.  Took a few pictures on way home.

Looking toward Idridgehay

Had tea then did a bit up in the drumattic - hoovered the computer out - it made no difference so went and got some screwdrivers and reset the graphics card - that seemed to sort it.  Happy days.  Did about half a dozen tunes, all good fun.   Started watching the Manchurian Candidate which is a proper wierd film so far.

Thursday 1st March 2018
Up early - 5.10ish.  Dog walked, no papers to fetch.  Went up about 6.15 and got them when they'd got in.   Took me just over an hour to get into work due to crappy weather.  Never mind at me desk for 7.40 so all good stuff
A52 Derby Road

Clover Nook Industrial Estate, Somercotes

Got home okay, bit easier than going.  Dog walked.  Tea at the Okeover Arms, Mappleton - interesting getting there but we got both ways fine.  Bit of shopping at Aldi, missus happy with that, I think.

Watched end of the Manchurian Candidate - I think it was an okay sort of a film? 

Friday 2nd March 2018
We are supposed to have a gig tonight - weather depending in Ripley.  Will know by late morning, the bass player has got to come up from Leicester so hope the right decision is taken - weather depending!   Got into the office early enough.   Roads nice and empty again, A52 a bit drifty so drove steady - didn't take much longer. 

Phil out and about gritting, ploughing and digging folks out I think.   Ruddy weather's even getting on his nerves I think!

Anyroad a gig at The George, Ripley - one guitarist pulled out but we did it anyway and it all went much better than the previous one even as a three piece.   Also tried out rack tom on a snare stand rather than hanging off a cymbal stand and much preferred it.  Also tried out the new holy cymbal and it was proper china-esque and picked it up for a song.  Excellebnt.

Saturday 3rd March 2019
Up early, dog walked, papers in the shop and fetched home for a ruddy change!   Took Lucy to Scarthin Books so she could do part of her art project.  Which was to do a poster for a shop in this case a book shop and then get feedback on it from the owner.

After Scarthin Books nipped over to me mum and dad's to see them and did a couple of lil jobs while was there.  Then back to Ashbourne and then Saturday afternoon me and Lucy went to see Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri which was brilliant and should have won all the Oscars but didn't. Never mind. 

Sunday 4th March 2018 
Up early.  Dog walked.  Got Phil a load of egg trays out of the attic once he'd got up.  I need to remember to start chitting potatoes.    Did a bit in the drumattic while Lucy at 5-a-side football training at the leisure centre.   Then over to Uttoxeter to get a new bulb for the outside light - got a 100w LED equivalent that's as bright as anything.  Watched another Oscar nominee called Get Out on Now TV - it was very good I have to say but not Three Billboards good.   After Tea watched 'Baby Driver' which was absolutely great.   Top film.  Bed about 10pm and soon to the land of nod.   Seem to be overdosing on Films at the moment but with the crappy weather we've had what's the alternative!

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