Monday, 19 February 2018

Monday 19th February 2018 to Sunday 25th February 2018

Monday 19th February 2018
Worse say of cold yet.  Fed up with it to say least. Woke up mega early got up at 5.10am into office about 7.30.  All good I suppose. Did a few good things. Left work at 3.30 cause I'd had enough by then.  Did a bit in the drum attic. Trying a new idea for mounting the 12" rack Tom.  It's a Yamaha SS650 snare stand which is a bit lightweight but I don't have a lot of confidence in mounting the Mapex Tom from a cymbal stand twice now I've seen it start to fall whereas with this idea all the weight is supported pretty much from below - the one question mark is whether it's high enough but I think it should be.  Watched episode 5 of The Level - top program that.

Tuesday 20th February 2018 
Up early.  Did a bit in the house then woke Lucy up at 5:50.  Fetched papers, got into the office for 7.30, did a bit with secateurs on the way in.  Picked up Lucy from school at 5pm.   Then all systems go packing a snare drum I've sold on eBay.  Ace.    Watched Blade Runner for first time last night (think it will be the last thought it was a bit of a nothing film to be honest,  certainly no Smoky and the Bandit.

Wednesday 21st February 2018
Up really early same as every day.  Dog walked, papers fetched, into the office for just gone 7.30.   Got Parcel all labelled up and over to the Warehouse to go Parcelforce 24 service.   Going to see DCFC vs dirty, dirty Leeds later all being well.    So left work 5 minutes early.  Got home, took pooch for a walk then off to the footie, at Tin Town bus stop at 5:10 took a picture of timetable for future reference!

So caught the 5.15pm bus at about 5.20pm.  Got to Derby about 6.10 and as Rich Doar was running late went to the Alex for a swift but expensive beer (bad choice there Mr Siddall) never mind then over to Costco for BBQ Chicken Pizza and a coffee (surprisingly good coffee!).  Then to Pride Park just getting to seats for 7.45 kick off.

2-2 was a disappointing result for Derby, both Leeds goals were soft - first one came from a player totally unmarked in middle of box on his own, second came from a bit of bad luck with Derby players pretty much going in wrong direction.  Derby came back twice though and scramble a point two minutes into stoppage time - had chances to make it an easy victory in first half that weren't taken.  Bus home was at 11:09pm so had time to kill.  Walked in to town to the Standing Order and had a cider.  Then bus home, walked from Tin Town, got in at midnight, took the dog out for a walk.  All good stuff.    

Thursday 22nd February 2018
Up at 5.15 after a funny night's sleep.  Dog walked, papers fetched and into the office for 7.35'ish.  Watched Blade Runner which was alright 

Friday 23rd February 2018 
'Normal' day in the office.  Went to Winking Man for a meal and to see a band called Styx and Stone or something like that.  They were alreet.  Got home late. 

Saturday 24th February 2018 
Up early.  Usual sort of stuff.  Dog walking.  A bit of golf.  Got a two on the 9th so that was nice - might get me stake money back!  

Watched Lost in Translation which was a cracking film. 

Sunday 25th February 2018
Up early.  Dog walked the usual.   Went to lotty really early and chopped all the raspberry canes down like you're supposed to in Feb,   took bean row down on number 13 that ought to have been down months ago.  Anyway, did a bit.   Got home and did a bit of re-insulating the green house. Mum came over about 11:30 then we was off to footie about 12:30.  They got a bit hammered by Buxton truth be told and were short of numbers especially when one player got ill and another came off due to issues.    Never mind/.  

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