Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Monday 25th December 2017 to Sunday 31st December 2017

Monday 25th December 2017
T'was Christmas so usual madness and stress, very enjoyable day to be fair.

Tuesday 26th December 2017
Went gritting with Phil early doors - loads of laughs as none of his lorries would work so he had to go out with a snow plough on which cut down his options.

 Coming down from Xmas fun, took dog walk with the missus, missus took next door's dog too.

Wednesday 27th December 2017
Prepping for going away.   Rehearsal with Blackstar in the afternoon

Thursday 28th December 2017
Off to Wales, still light and quite mild at 4:55

Friday 29th December 2017
Bit of shopping with missus in preparation -

Saturday 30th December 2017
Crack of dawn (6am) fishing with Darren on Cafe beach - too rough.  Gave it up as a bad job when it got light.

Sunday 31st December 2017
Hell's teeth I'm 50! Not having that. 18 years old with 32 years experience then.  
Missus did a brunch for exveryone - Paula and Darren went in afternoon weather too windy.  

Phil and Dan - battleships tournament

Never mind.  Got some top gifts, Andrew arrived in Afternoon.   Bit of a do attended by missus, mesen, Lucy and Phil, our Andrew, Vic, Linda, Jill, Paul and little Dougie.  Phil's mates Dan and Lucy too. 

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