Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Monday 1st January 2018 to Sunday 7th January 2018

Monday 1st January 2018
Went to bed at 2am, up again at 5:30am.  Took dog out early doors to see if I could find any of the gear we lost previous night.   Didn't but Phil did later!   When everyone up and missus had tidied up and I'd loaded up we had a last walk on the beach.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Back to the grindstone.   Up early.  Dog walked, paper fetched.  Into the office for 7:50 after walking in from car park.   Home about 5pm, steady sort of a day and got me Xmas present to mesen - a Mapex Black Panther snare drum no less. Second hand of course but at a reasonable price.

Wednesday 3rd January 2018
Up early, sh*tty weather.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Bought another drum kit.  Yikes.  Saw Craig Blundell playing and raving about Mapex Saturn V drums with Walnut/Maple hybrid shells - found one on eBay second hand for almost £1000 less than new price, bought one.  Mad!  2.5 hours driving down to Solihull to collect it.

Thursday 4th January 2018
Up really early.  Dog walked, got stuff ready, woke Lucy up at 6am, took dog second walk and fetched papers into office for 7.40.  All good stuff.

Friday 5th January 2018
All busyness, all the time can't remember what I done!

Saturday 6th January 2018
Golf cancelled early doors, took dog a walk, got papers, did a bit up in the attic.  Got all the Xmas decs downs and lights hung up to dry. Did a bit in the garden, tidied the greenhouse up a little bit.  Watched Serenity with him out of Castle on Now TV - getting me money's worth.

Sunday 7th January 2018 
Not much to report.  Took Lucy to footie practice and picked her up.  Did a bit trying to get bass drum right - it booms a bit.  Watched Guardians of the Galaxy II on Now TV.

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