Thursday, 9 August 2018

July 2018

Crikey I've been slack about blogging of late but I been slack at blogging because I been reet busy in everything else.

So what's happened  - been on hols.  Been busy in the lotty, did good at one Open at the Manor and less good at the other at Ashbourne!     Did Lucy's 18th while we were on hols in Wales, Did Phil's when we got back.

Saturday 21st July 2018
Up early as always.  Down to lotty - fence has been broken into in two places on number 13 plot - culprit is suspected to be a badger. Hmphf.  Played golf in the afternoon with John at Ashbourne - ground is really hard - hit a drive 265 yards up the fourth (it's uphill at the end too!).  All good got 18 holes done.

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