Monday, 4 November 2019

Satruday 2nd November 2019 to Friday 7th November 2019

Saturday 2nd November 2019 
Up early.  Excited ahead of the England v South Africa Rugby World Cup final only to be disappointed at being out muscled and out-played in every department.  Was the Derby match going to be exactly the same?  No we did Middlesbrough 2-0 with both goals coming from Tom Lawrence one of the two embarassments crashing while drink driving.   Neat thing was that I found a little short cut to my £5 car park which was neat.   One day they will sort out the inner ring road - at the minute no-one is ever in the right lane as they come over the fly-over, myself included!  Listed some bits and bobs on eBay

2nd Nov 2019 - DCFC 2 - 0 Middlesbrough zilch. 

Pair of Sabian 13" fusion hats listed on eBay

13" Sabian fusion hi hat bottom - clanging manhole cover
Sunday 3rd November 2019 
Up early.  Dog walked.  Then had to wait for Phil to get up to take him to pick his van up and then over to me mum and dad's.  Back home, walked the dogs,  mowed the lawns for what I hope will be the last time (you never know).  Bought some bits and bobs on eBay a couple of Z rod things for mounting splashes on and a LCD unit for an Alesis D4 to replace the one that has lost it's backlighting.

Replacement LCD project coming up soon £17 better than buying a whole new unit (I hope!)

Z Rod for splash cymbals - the idea is to mount two splashes using a multiclamp which should give them enough clearance I reckon. 

Monday 4th November 2019
Up early.  Dog walked.  Back Home.  Dog walked.  Watched the new episode of Watchmen - proper weird.  Watched some more Succession - it's so mad it's addictive.  Went for a 2.5 mile walk on me own - good stuff.

Tuesday 5th November 2019 
Walks in morning but none at night with it being bonfire night.  Watched more Succession am going to be sad when I get to the end it's bonkers but great.  Listened to Stewart Lee on "A Good Read" - going to have to go and see him live I reckon! Walked 2.5 miles again on me own.

Wednesday 6th November 2019
The usual with work except for chauffeuring the boss about a bit.   All good.   Got home took small pooch a walk, took big lad a walk but didn't do my walk on me own.   On way back home after dropping boss off in Nottingham I listened to an interview with Bob Igors (the bloke credited with turning around Disney) fascinating and made me thinkl of Succession - takeovers and what have you , you see?).

Instead I fitted a new display in the D4 as the back lighting had gone in the old one - only cost me £17 so chuffed to bits with that.  Am going to use it to trigger bass drum and snare samples live is my thinking (might also put a cowbell on there somewhere).
Inside the D4 - have taken ribbon cable of the display unit which is at a right angle to main circuit board.  Had to remove the hot glue using nail polish remover to weaken it and then a bit of persuasion with a small screwdriver - all good!

The end result - D4 back to full effectiveness (I am assuming it will still trigger the sounds else I've chucked £17 down the drain!). 

Thursday 7th November 2019
Am stopping late at work so when I got up at 4.45 and it was tipping it down I went back to bed for half an hour!  Still raining like hell when I took the hound out but hey ho.  Into work for 7.30. All good.  Did a couple of songs with the Works Band and then got home for about 6.30.  Took big lad a walk.  Did a bit more work on making sure the D4's display is secure with the broken clip all good stuff.   Watched another episode of Succession - bloody greaty then watched a bit of Taylor Hawkins on BBC Iplayer - interesting - seems a nice bloke.

Friday 8th November 2019
Up at 5.20 - I think I need to aim for 5.25 ideally for getting papers at the right time but it was okay.  Into the office for 7.15 all good.

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