Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Monday 16th April 2018 to Sunday 22nd April 2018

Monday 16th April 2018
Up early dog walked, papers fetched (hell's teeth papers in first thing what's happening?).  Really busy day at work.   Home for about 5.15pm.  Tea.  Down lotty with dog, got another bed weeded and also did the bed with the onions in it.  Two hours gone in no time.  Dog found a mouse hole and kept guard so I had zero mouse interruptions while weeding.   Broad beans had grown since I put them in the day previously.  Spring at last.

Another bed weeded - got some garlic in it which I've moved down to one end.  

Broad beans coming on at a rate of knots.

Small dog guarding the mouse hole!
Tuesday 17th April 2018 
Up a bit late at 5:45.  Dog walked, papers fetched, coffee made, off to work, saus and bacon cob bought from Bella's Baps on the way in.  All good. Got home about 5.20 after picking Lucy up.  Ashbourne is a right old mess at the moment so went the long way round to get home.   Tea and then took Pooch a walk.  It was a bit damp and what have you so didn't get anything done on the lotty.  Did a bit in the greenhouse and continued to make plans!!  Worked on Lucy's laptop which has a fair bit of Malware to get rid of on it and also needs a memory upgrade so will get some ordered in due course.   Watched last episode of The City and The City which was a China Mieville book made into a four part BBC series I'm not sure it worked quite as well as it might have but his books are a bit impenetrable while being stunning at the same time. 

Wednesday 18th April 2018
Up later again at 5.35 - am just knackered at the moment - need to get it sorted!  Dog walked, papers fetched, breakfast, still got into work a little after 7.30 so all is well sort of thing.  Left work ten minutes early to make sure I could a load of weeds taken to the recycling centre - I took two wheelbarrows worth of weeds down to the car and brought two wheelbarrows worth of manure back up to the plot in the opposite direction.  I was a bit surprised when some of the manure moved and turned out to be a great big toad - so picked him up and released him in a safer spot - so far no warts!

Came back later - got a bad of onions planted.   Got my vertical strawberry project done. Got another bed weeded and plenty of manure in it ready for peas to go in it soon.
Peas will be going into the narrow bed - normally has runnber beans but missus no likey

Thursday 19th April 2018
Up at 5.35, funny night struggled getting to sleep for some reason.  Dog walked, papers fetched, pocket breakfast on way to work.   Such is life.  Sat at desk for 7.40am so not too bad all things considered.  Down the lotty for 6pm absolutely red hot!
Got another raised bed weeded

Got a row of peas in - need to put the pea sticks up at the weekend. 

A better picture of the vertical strawberries concept! 
Got a row of peas in, weeded another bed.  Red hot.

Friday 20th April 2018
Got into office nice and early, bacon cob Friday, living the dream.   Not the best of days at work but such is life.  Went straight to lotty after work to get weeds taken to tip, also got a barrow of muck onto the plot.

Saturday 21st April 2018
No time to breathe today - up at 6am, dog walked, papers fetched.  Then down to lotty, cleared that last raised bed on 13, took a barrow of weeds down to car  fetched a barrow of muck up for last bed which is going to have peas in it.

9:30 down on playing field as part of Parish Council Working Party up to 11:30, back home,quick shower, golf in the sunshine.  Glorious.   Didn't play especially well but hit some nice drives and parred the 18th to finish which is always nice!

In the evening it was the Count Arthur Strong at Buxton Opera House a grand night and - two T-shirts for £15!!  Absolute bargain!

Sunday 22nd April 2018
Up early.  Dog walked.  Down lotty to get them peas into that last bed - row of Early Onward and a row of Kelvedon Wonder unfortunately from my picture you can only see a tiny part of the last bed but trust me it's beginning to look something like.

After lotty it was over to me mum and dads for second working party of the weekend - we massacred trees left right and centre all good stuff but still a bit of work to be done.  Found the local recycling centre worked well for getting rid of the rubbish, bumped into cousin Jonathan at the tip too - ace!

Got home about 4.15 after Phil bumped into his boss at Aldi.   Mowed lawns front and back and then tea at the Okeover Arms.  Everyone happy'ish.  All good stuff.   Had a few beers, fell asleep on sofa, got told off, went to bed, bish bosh some weekend.

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