Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday 16th February 2015 to Sunday 22nd February 2015

Monday 16th February 2015
Kept waking up all night so no problem getting out of bed for 5.50.  Dog walked in the rain and papers fetched.  Into the office for 7.50am.  Everything running like clockwork.

Tuesday 17th February 2015
Am off work today as it's Shrovetide Football in sunny Ashbourne.  Up early. Papers. Dog Walked. Fetched a piccy B brekkie.  Walk from Mappleton up to Thorpe with a very dirty pooch.

 In afternoon Phil decided he wasn't going to Shrovetide and missus had gone to Derby so got the greenhouse up.

Wednesday 18th Feb 2015
Up early. Papers etc.  Golf at 9am - did 16 holes I think and lost - managed a few pars but with my 15 handicap vs their bandido handicaps I'd no chance - John had 8 points on two holes for two pars - can't live with that.

Got home for about 1pm - ferried missus and kids up to Shrovetide then got home and got cleaning glass on me Greenhuse - get a load of that!

About 9 o'clock at night we had a call from Sylvira to say the Shrovetide ball was on it's way to Clifton so went to watch - didn't see anything other than crazy folks running about like crazy folks - talk about wierd - strangely exciting too.   Bed about 10pm.

Thursday 19th February 2015
Up at 5:50, dog walked, papers fetched, back in the office for 8.15.

Friday 20th February 2015
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Did a load of setting up in me Greenhouse.  Played golf with Doug at 2pm - played steady, birdie two on the 6th.  Got a load of cardboard taken to the recycling centre and other junk from Phil's bedroom tidy up - he's going all business-like so he is!  Forgot to mention Baxi Boiler broke down.  Had plumber out he couldn't fix it, he advised calling Baxi so another £300 paid over phone and they're coming tomorrow to do it.

Saturday 21st February 2014
Up at 5.15am.  Dog walked,  papers fetched.  Everyone up early, on road for London about 6:30am.   Bit of jip on M1 that we needed to divert around but basically got to Stanmore around 10:30am  after a stop on the way in.  Tube to Green Park then switched over to get to Leicester Square so boss kat could get tickets to Mamma Mia for her and Lucy (top dollar as well, such is life - an expensive weekend and no mistake!!

Anyroad, had lunch and a pint or two at Yates on Leicester Square and then I took them to the theatre and headed off to the Brittania Hotel in Canary Wharf with the bag.

Got checked in, watched Doc Martin - made sure didn't go to sleep.  Had a wee drink or two then back to the Novello Theatre to collect the missus.  I didn't mention that I did the stairs at Covent Garden - all 193 of them (I think it said it's the equivalent of 15 floors!

Sunday 22nd February 2014
Woke up very early but stopped in bed.  Breakfast at 8:30 - very nice although don't like me scrambled egg quite that runny thank you very much - bosskat liked it though.  We all had a shower and got packed up and then left baggage with the concierge and headed off to Tower of London which was great.  We paid with Tesco Vouchers so instead of it costing £50 quid it cost us about £12.50 I think.  We were early enough to see Crown Jewels before it got too busy, we also saw the Royal Beast Exhibition, the ravens, the white tower, the tower where they put prisoners, and loads besides - wouldn't have wanted to spend £50 plus on it though.

   After the Tower we went back to the Hotel on the DLR (well Missus and Lucy went to some shops in the Canary Wharf Shopping Centre while I went to the hotel!).   Then we sat on the Jubilee Line all the way back to the car - what we should have done was come off at Bakerloo, got the Metropolitan line and then changed

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