Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd January

Saturday 23rd January
Today should be rest day so I only did three miles up town and back, picking up the papers on the way. Golf at 10:20, played okay, we were beaten 2 and 1 though by two pretty good players so wasn't end of the world, nice to play 18 holes, must be first time in over a month. Washed the missus and my motors when got back. Looking at part-chopping the missus for an mpv or an estate.

Kathryn's not doing it and bless her, she's asked if I'll step in! Well, I said I wanted a better than 5hrs time and I still do so am going to get serious training now. What have I done??

Friday 22nd January
Up at 5am, fetched missus' motor up as it seems to be acting up recently so she likes to know it starts. Absolutely hammering it down first thing, ten minutes later it's all stopped so am going to be setting off for a five miler in about ten minutes from now (which will be approx 5:55). Just sending a couple of emails off and then hit the road time.

Thursday 21st January
Up at 5:30 which is about the right time I think. Set off at exactly 6:00 and got back for 6:53 with a couple of minutes stopped to get papers, reckon that's a little bit over ten minute miles.

Weigh-in after group - 3lbs lost this week. I think there's three factors involved there - firstly the cardio fasting but more importantly upping the morning mileage and getting closer to doing food optimising properly.

Wednesday 20th January
Overslept til 5:50, thought it was raining when I first woke up. Anyway when stuck me head out the door it wasnae raining so another five miles done. Been testing out a theory Cardio-Fasting where the theory is that if you run first thing on an empty stomach you burn fat it was in the Times so it must be right -

Tuesday 19th January
Up at 5am again, set a loaf of off for the family! Five mile run again, set off at similiar time, got back at similiar time. Absolutely jiggered this morning but am sticking at it. Oh yes. Bit milder out this morning but got the unreal toothache thing when I got home today - not good. Have got a dental appointment next month so I'll check out what he says then.

Monday 18th January
Up at 5:00am - got to set a loaf off for Shazza who's supplying me with free range eggs - am after making a cash-less society one small step at a time. 5:52 went running round Ashbourne - did the old five mile loop and was back about 6:48 so a bit slow by old standards but not bad considering how out of shape I am.

Sunday 17th January
Up at 5:30 for taking the horror to work.

Got back and went for first half decent run in a while ; 7 miles up Ashbourne, round Mappleton then up into Middle Mayfield, down to Churhc Mayfield and back through the terraces. Saw some cool sort of a bird of prey - grey plumage probably a buzzard of some sort, and if I'd had a camera would have got a top pic of a snow white heron against an almost black background but of course I hadn't got it with me!

Rest of morning spent on emptying my, shed putting some new shelving in and then putting the stuff back in to find I've got less room than before - how does that work?

After lunch took Lucy swimming - we did 20 lengths (I kept getting cramps or we'd have done more). Then another reccy up the golf club resulting in a few more balls which will be handy come summer!

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